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This NPC can be found in Dustwallow Marsh (243), Feralas (197), Westfall (94), Zangarmarsh (70), Zul'Drak (47), Eversong Woods (36), Sholazar Basin (32), Terokkar Forest (25), Loch Modan (13), Ghostlands (11), Howling Fjord (5) and Hillsbrad Foothills.
Pet Battle: Dustwallow Marsh, Eversong Woods, Feralas, Ghostlands, Howling Fjord, Loch Modan, Nagrand, Northern Stranglethorn, Sholazar Basin, Silverpine Forest, Terokkar Forest, Westfall, Zangarmarsh, Zul'Drak

Due to recent accidents, the goblin cartels have prohibited anyone from bringing snakes on a zeppelin.