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Quivering Firestorm Egg
Item Level 1

Binds to Battle.net account
"A very rare egg that looks ready to hatch. Elder Anli at The Arboretum will definitely want to see this."
Max Stack: 20



Comment by TheStatman

Objective of A Time-Lost Treasure

This quest will give 1,000 Order of the Cloud Serpent Rep before any modifiers.

Comment by cdalz4

I just got one of these, patch just dropped I go to the lady and I get no response :(

Comment by luveykat94

Got one within a few hours of the patch going live, was able to turn it in to the Cloud Serpent people for a total of 2200 rep (level 25 Guild + revered rep bonus). Very pleased, since this is my character I have the 3rd color egg on :) .

Comment by Boxerr

Tried to turn this egg in on my Shaman who is only friendly with Cloud Serpent and the NPC didn't even acknowledge me. I sent it to my DK who is revered with Cloud Serpent and I was able to turn over the egg for 1000 XP with the Cloud Serpent.

Perhaps you need to be Honored with the Cloud Serpent, if not Revered for sure.

Comment by Malvenue

She doesn't react to me either but I am already exalted with the Cloud Serpents. I presume this is simply a way to give your alts 1k Order of the Cloud Serpent rep.

Comment by Jessu

I got one off of Huolon not too long ago. I'm exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent on my main, so it looks like it has the same function as the Onyx Serpent Eggs.

Comment by mississypoo812

found the Egg on Timeless isle, i'm exhalted with cloud serpent faction and trying to turn the egg in to elder Anli at the Arboretum, and nothing. no option to turn it in. the Egg is not a quest giver per say either. dont know what to do with it. it is battle.net account bound.

Comment by Antitribu

Turning this in for rep requires It's A... to be finished first.

The repeatable quest A Time-Lost Tresure will be available on Elder Anli immediately after completion of the previous.

Comment by Pawwolf

This Item is Account Bound & gives you 1000 rep with the Order of the Cloud Serpent when used (2000 if you've bought the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent). Take this to The Arboretum in Jade Forest & give it to Elder Anli. This is a repeatable quest (A Time-Lost Treasure) so you can turn in all that you have.
These are drops from the Cloud serpents; Crimsonscale Firestorm & Huolon on the Time Lost Island. Least those are the only mobs which have dropped them for me.

P.S. It seems you do have to be lvl 90 in order to turn in this quest item though.

Comment by Martika

Some misinformation on what will happen if you are already exalted with Cloud Serpents. If you have this item she WILL offer you the quest to turn it in; you simply get around 35 gold. That's it. Not even worth the trip.

Comment by joebowen

LAME. A little late for this don't you think Blizz? If I wanted old rep you could have given me a little boy to escort around Stormwind because lord knows I couldn't possibly be exalted with them yet. Seriously.

Comment by Wowgamergirl12

Just got one of these.. Was all excited until I came here and realized it wasn't going to hatch into a mount like the eggs from The Isle of Giants.. :( Poo.. Busted my bubble.. STOOPID EGG!

Comment by eracer71

I could be wrong but I had one of these in my bag and I was close the Chef Woo on Timeless Isle and I had the blue "?" up on my radar so I assumed I had some meat to turn in. She took the egg (it was then I realized I had a egg in my bags) and rewarded me with 500 coins instead of the usual 100 from meat. I remembered I had tons on an alt and tried to turn them in as well but was unable. Gonna try again after reset...thinking this is a glitch or maybe a once a week kinda thing.

Comment by Adorrilla

Out of curiosity, is this a possible drop from the firestorm eggs found at various spots around the island, or it it only obtainable from Huolon and the Crimsionscale Firestorms?

Comment by Veratus

You might be tempted to junk these eggs once you have Cloud Serpent Riding on your character plus all of the mounts - but if you want to top up your gold reserves a bit then it's definitely worth holding onto them and mailing them to a character which does not have the riding yet.

So, It takes approx 15 of these eggs to get from neutral to exalted (presumably 30 with the commendation?), and each turn-in is worth about 34g. So 30 of these turnins x 34g = approx 1000g.

You might be tempted to stop there, as progressing further requires you to complete a few quests - collect eggs, kill some saurok, lasso some hatchlings, and finally a sky race. But if you look at the vendor price of the reins - 750g.

That's a cool 1250g+ for comparatively little effort.

Comment by Stormvadret

Quick question, any level req to do this quest?

Comment by Sorciera

This item is a criteria of Going To Need A Bigger Bag, but it does not need to be looted (from a mob). It can be mailed to alts since it is BoA.

Edit: Cross-realm mail now allows any account-bound item (not other items or gold) to be sent to different realms.

Comment by code45man

This egg is turned in at Elder Anli for 1100 Cloud Serpent reputation.

Comment by Sixotoo

I handed off 8 of these eggs to my alt prior to starting the quest line to get cloud serpent riding. As I turned in the last of the quests I dinged Exalted without having to do any daily quests.

Comment by qrjan89

have to admit i got somewhat disappointed that we doesnt get a crimson hatchling, but just xp from it.
anywho, got it on my 5 or 6 kill on Huolon on timeless isle, you will find him spawning at the end of the bridge leading to where the yangol berserkers and crimson drakes are.

Comment by aislin2476

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but when I try to loot these eggs that sit on the ground on my main (who is exalted with Cloud Serpents) in order to send them to my alt, they never actually appear in my bags. It gives the same egg-breaking animation that you get when you loot an onyx egg on Windward Isle, but then I don't get an item. I've tried it with two characters who are exalted with Cloud Serpents, since they have the easiest time on the Timeless Isle. I find that very disappointing, since I was hoping to race a toon to exalted the first day she hit 90.

Comment by Insomnis

I got a Quivering Egg from the eggs that you can loot on Timeless Isle.

Comment by liji

With the commendation and Mr. Popularitys from guild perks, it takes exactly 17 eggs to lvl from nothing to exalted. In case you've already done it on 3 toons, have eggs to spare, and are lazy like me.

Comment by TheCrosshare

Had 3 of these, the bonus experience and got to 14k revered in one sitting. Just take the first quests before turning these in.

If i had the cooking, fishing, first aid, archeology and 4 eggs i think it would be done in one day.

Comment by Gynganynja

This may be a bug, but using a potion of luck will actually reduce your chances of getting an egg from a crimsonscale firestorm. Tested (w/potion 50 kills, 0 drops/ without potion 20 kills 3 drops.

Don't think this bug affects huolon though.

Comment by Hoffmann420

Got 2300 per egg with the commendation.

21000 for Exalted / 2300 = 9.13

So you'll need 10 eggs to get exalted outright. Personally I'd settle for 9 and do 1 day worth of dailies. You're going to have to do some the first ones to pick your egg anyways.

I did not have to do the starting quests before turning the eggs in.