Cataclysmically Delicious - Achievement - World of Warcraft

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Cataclysmically Delicious

Sample the following Cataclysm delicacies.


Baked Rockfish
Beer-Basted Crocolisk
Blackened Surprise
Buttery Wheat Roll
Crocolisk Au Gratin
Fish Fry
Gilnean White
Grilled Shark
Hearty Seafood Soup
Highland Sheep Cheese
Lavascale Minestrone
Lurker Lunch
Mushroom Sauce Mudfish
Pickled Guppy
Roasted Beef
Salted Eye
Scarlet Polypore
Severed Sagefish Head
Skewered Eel
Smoked String Cheese
Stewed Rabbit
Tender Baked Turtle
Unidentifiable Meat Dish
Violet Morel
Basilisk Liverdog
Blackbelly Sushi
Broiled Mountain Trout
Chocolate Cookie
Delicious Sagefish Tail
Fortune Cookie
Grilled Dragon
Highland Pomegranate
Lavascale Fillet
Lightly Fried Lurker
Massive Turkey Leg
Oily Giblets
Pine Nut Bread
Rock-Hard Biscuit
Scalding Murglesnout
Seasoned Crab
Simmered Squid
Sliced Raw Billfish
Sour Green Apple
Tasty Puffball
Tropical Sunfruit
Vile Purple Fungus
Whitecrest Gumbo