Quick Facts

Hall of Communion

Scenario: Azeroth's Warning

  • Stage 1 – Speaking with the Speaker
    Find Magni.
  • Stage 2 – Dreams Beyond Dreams
    A number of invaders have appeared inside the facility, triggering its defenses. You will not be able to proceed without defeating them first.
  • Stage 3 – The Stuff of Nightmares
    The visions have overwhelmed the defenses. Reactivate the sentries and defeat any adversaries in order to proceed.
  • Stage 4 – Night Terror
    The defenses are active, but one final nightmare has appeared to block your path. It must be defeated.
  • Stage 5 – Dark Revelations
    Speak with Magni to hear Azeroth's warning.
  • Final Stage – A Word of Warning
    Hear Azeroth's warning.