Quick Facts

The Oculus

Scenario: The Oculus

  • Stage 1 – Falling Skies
    Repel the legion invasion by closing their portals and sending them back to the twisting nether.
  • Stage 2 – Center of Gravity
    Use an arcane portal to travel to the center Band of Transmutation
  • Stage 3 – Twisting in the Wind
    Defeat the three legion magi imprisoning Archmage Vargoth.
  • Stage 4 – Archmage Vargoth
    Talk to Archmage Vargoth
  • Stage 5 – Grounded
    Talk to Archmage Vargoth to teleport to ground level
  • Stage 6 – Stealth Philosophy
    Find a way into the Nexus building
  • Final Stage – The Soulstone's Power
    Defeat Kathra'natir by imprisoning him inside the Nightborne Soulstone