Quick Facts

The Nexus


  • Commander Kolurg – Commander Kolurg sought dangerous treasures to add to the Horde armories. His anger at his misfortune in the Halls of Stasis will not be eased when he thaws to find Alliance adventurers stealing his thunder.
  • Commander Stoutbeard – Commander Stoutbeard led his troops against some of the most dangerous enemies of the Alliance. The Halls of Stasis may have slowed him down, but the sight of Horde adventurers will get him up and running again.
  • Grand Magus Telestra – It is rumored the Grand Magus Telestra tutored Prince Kael'thas. Though she believed the Prince allying with the naga was foolish, she could not support Dalaran imprisoning her people. Malygos only needed to remind her of this betrayal to gain her as an instructor for his mage hunters.
  • Anomalus – Directing so much of Azeroth's arcane energy through the Nexus has created tears in reality. As Malygos's forces try to drive back invading creatures, the chaotic arcane power has taken form as Anomalus. If the creature is not stopped, it will unmake everything it can touch.
  • Ormorok the Tree-Shaper – The incredible arcane energies of the Nexus have transformed the Singing Gardens and its guardians. Ormorok's simple mind has become obsessed with the energies transforming him. For those who would interrupt his contemplations he has few words, but a mountain of violence.
  • Keristrasza – Whether the tortures inflicted on Keristrasza were revenge for the death of Saragosa or a misguided attempt to turn her into an ally is known only to Malygos. Regardless of his intent, her allies have heard her cries of anguish and disturbing whispers of her diminishing mind.