Quick Facts

Utgarde Keep


  • Prince Keleseth – The Lich King deployed Keleseth to Utgarde Keep in hopes of harnessing the vrykul's potential for destruction. Upon arriving, the ambassador found a people who were more than eager to assist the Scourge. The keep has proved to be an excellent staging point for terrorizing the Howling Fjord, and Keleseth has no intention of losing it to insolent trespassers.
  • Skarvald & Dalronn – It's a vrykul tradition to make unlikely partners work together. Some say it's to allow divergent abilities to complement each other; others say it's for the amusement of King Ymiron. Regardless, Skarvald and Dalronn are a perfect example of this custom. Between a vrykul's brawn and a human's necromantic arts, they will punish those who meddle with the Scourge.
  • Ingvar the Plunderer – Ingvar's brute strength is legendary even among the vrykul. Rumor has it that he once bested King Ymiron in a brawl. The truth is unknown, but purveyors of that tale usually don't live for a retelling. Ingvar has promised the Lich King that he'll use all measures of brutality to hold the keep, a promise that he dare not break.


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