PTR Development Notes for Build 23578, Artifact Curve Changes, Nighthold Bosses Drop AP

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PTR Artifact Power and Knowledge Changes


Just a quick note: the 7.2 Artifact Knowledge and Artifact Power curves that have been datamined are not final - what you're seeing is just temporary values. With those temporary values, the increase from Artifact Knowledge scales linearly, while the Artifact Power required to purchase the next trait increases exponentially. This makes it seem as though the new traits are intended to require far more effort to earn than was the case in 7.0, which is not the case.

The PTR build coming today doesn't yet have the correct numbers, but next week's build should. At that point, you should see a much lower expectation for how much effort will be required to unlock the new traits.
It's important to remember that the PTR is very much a part of our development environment. When we pull a build to push for public testing, it's basically just a snapshot of wherever we happened to be at that moment in development. This means you're going to see a lot of placeholder and unfinished work. This is one such case.

Feedback is certainly helpful for us in determining exactly what the final state should be, but please remember that there's a very reasonable chance for anything on the PTR - especially datamined content that's not yet fully available for testing - to simply be unfinished and/or temporary.

Mistweaver Hotfix


Just wanted you to know about a hotfix that went live a couple of hours ago:

  • Life Cocoon now correctly starts Soothing Mist when cast during the global cooldown.
  • Sheilun's Gift now correctly starts Soothing Mist if the previous cast was Renewing Mist.

Transmog Set Feedback


Well met! The upcoming PTR build that will be deployed this week will contain an almost-data-complete version of the Transmog Sets feature. We're still ironing out a good number of bugs (mostly relating to which items are displayed in any particular set), but by and large we feel like it's feature complete for 7.2. We're not going to add any more sets right now but we can always add more in the future.

There is some time to do small modifications based on feedback, so we'd like to hear what you think about it in this thread! Log on to the PTR and visit the Sets tab in the upper left of the Appearances tab (Shift+P). You will see many sets for your class that you can collect! All of this data is based on what is in your transmog library, and the usual rules about what you can and can't collect apply here too. We also added some achievements and a title!

Any bugs (especially those related to specific sets) should be reported in the bug report forum, but thoughts and feelings should be posted here.

Any updates on missing set pieces from previous raids (e.g. Firelands plate waists, ICC Death Knight boots/waists, etc?)

We are adding them for PVP sets, but only because 1) the total number missing is much smaller than PVE, 2) the item names are consistent and predictable, and 3) the rest of the items are all on vendors already, and we're using the new items to fill out ensembles.

We are not adding any items for PVE sets at this time. The scope of items that we need to add is far too large for us to take on in the time we have allotted to finish 7.2 -- it is much more than a full raid tier's worth of items on its own. This has been a great chance to thoroughly audit what is missing from the game, and we'll be adding these items in small chunks in future content releases to complete various sets.
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