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Hour of Twilight


Horde and Alliance assaults against the Twilight's Hammer have slaughtered many of the cult's fearsome elemental ascendants. One exception is Arcurion, a formidable ice ascendant tasked to slay Thrall and retrieve the Dragon Soul. Should this twisted elemental being succeed, nothing will be able to stop Deathwing from ushering in the Hour of Twilight.

Spell Icon Hand of Frost: Arcurion's icy grip reaches out and chills his target causing 50000 Frost damage.

Spell Icon Chains of Frost: Arcurion traps all enemies in Chains of Frost preventing them from moving.

Spell Icon Icy Tomb: Arcurion encases Thrall in an Icy Tomb. Free Thrall so that he can keep the ambushing forces at bay!

Frozen Servitor

Arcurion's minions begin to surround the canyon. Watch out for falling debris as they try to crush you into the ground with Icy Boulders!

Spell Icon Icy Boulder: Arcurion's minions assault you with tremendous blocks of ice dealing 20000 Frost damage.

Spell Icon Torrent of Frost: At 30% health Arcurion unleashes a devastating Torrent of Frost dealing 20000 frost damage each second to all enemies and reducing their movement speed by -50%.

Asira Dawnslayer

Former blade-for-hire Asira Sunbright was initially leery of working for the Twilight's Hammer, but the cult's generous payments quickly won her over. In time, she succumbed to the corruptive influence of her dark employers, even going so far as to take on the name Dawnslayer. As one of the cult's deadliest assassins, Asira has been called upon to exterminate Thrall and his comrades.

Spell Icon Mark of Silence: Asira marks enemy spellcasters. When a marked target casts a spell, Asira throws a knife in their direction.

Spell Icon Throw Knife: Asira throws one of her knives toward an enemy spellcaster, inflicting 10000 Physical damage to the first player it collides with. If the knife hits a player afflicted with Mark of Silence, it also silences for 2.5 sec.

Spell Icon Choking Smoke Bomb: Creates a cloud of thick smoke in an 10 yard radius around the caster for 40 sec. Enemies are unable to target into or out of the smoke cloud and will take 5000 Nature damage every 1 seconds.

Spell Icon Blade Barrier: Assume a dazzling display of weapon mastery. Incoming damage below 30000 is reduced to 1. Effect ends when the caster is hit by damaging attack or spell above this threshold. Cast at low health.

Spell Icon Lesser Blade Barrier: Asira puts up this weaker barrier when Blade Barrier is removed. Incoming damage below 25000 is reduced to 1. Effect ends when the caster is hit by damaging attack or spell above this threshold.


Spell Icon Lava Burst: Hurl molten lava at the target, dealing 50000 Fire damage.

Spell Icon Rising Fire Totem: Summons a Fire Totem that lasts 30 sec and periodically increases the damage and maximum health of nearby players.

Spell Icon Healing Wave: Thrall calls upon Nature magic to heal himself.

Archbishop Benedictus

Archbishop Benedictus is the revered leader of the Church of the Holy Light. For years, his wise guidance has been instrumental in seeing humanity through bleak times. Yet beneath his apparent benevolence lies the shocking truth that Benedictus has pledged himself to the eradication of all life on Azeroth through the agency of his dark master... Deathwing.

Stage One: The Betrayal

Benedictus assaults Thrall with the powers of the Holy Light.

Spell Icon Righteous Shear: The Righteous Shear inflicts Holy damage to enemies within 10 yards of the target per stack of Righteous Shear.

Spell Icon Purifying Light: Benedictus forms three orbs of Purifying Light and raises them above his head, sending them to assault a nearby enemy, causing a Purifying Blast.

Spell Icon Purifying Blast: The Purifying Blast inflicts 80000 Holy damage to enemies within 6 yards.

Spell Icon Wave of Virtue: Benedictus summons a Wave of Virtue to sweep across the platform which inflicts 100000 Holy damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back.

Stage Two: Twilight Transformation

At 60% health Benedictus shows his true form, transforming into an agent of the Twilight and trapping Thrall in a Twilight Prison.

Spell Icon Twilight Shear: The Twilight Shear inflicts Shadow damage to enemies within 10 yards of the target per stack of Twilight Shear.

Spell Icon Corrupting Twilight: Benedictus forms three orbs of Corrupting Twilight and raises them above his head, sending them to assault a nearby enemy, causing a Twilight Blast.

Spell Icon Twilight Blast: The Twilight Blast inflicts 80000 Shadow damage to enemies within 6 yards.

Spell Icon Wave of Twilight: Benedictus summons a Wave of Twilight to sweep across the platform which inflicts 100000 Shadow damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back.


Thrall will assist his allies, helping to combat Archbishop Benedictus.

Cleansing Spirit: Thrall Cleanses the Spirit, dispeling one stack of a magic debuff!

Spell Icon Chain Lightning: Thrall lashes out at the Purifying Light, jumping to another nearby target, destroying them.

Spell Icon Water Shell: The Water Shell protects allies from the Wave of Virtue and increases damage done by 100% while inside the Water Shell.

Dragon Soul


The most powerful elemental still under Deathwing's sway, Morchok-once a passive guardian-is now convinced that his only respite will come with Azeroth's demise. Morchok rages against the foundation of Wyrmrest Temple, Azeroth's last beacon of hope in the Hour of Twilight.

Spell Icon Stomp: Morchok performs a massive stomp, splitting 500000 damage between all enemies within 20 yards. The two closest targets take a double share of the damage.

Spell Icon Twilight Orb: Morchok conjures an explosive crystal, which explodes after 12 sec. The explosion splits the damage between the five closest enemies. The total damage increases the further the enemy is from the crystal. Designer Note: 150000 damage base.

The Earth Consumes You!

Morchok channels an intense spell, causing fragments to erupt to the surface and draw the Black Blood of the Earth to the surface. For 5 sec, he deals 5000 damage to all visible enemies within 4 yards.

Spell Icon Falling Fragments: Stalagmites erupt from the ground, dealing 15000 damage to enemies and creating obstacles which block spells.

Spell Icon Black Blood of the Earth: Morchok channels the blood of the earth and inflicts 5000 Nature damage to nearby enemies, increasing Nature damage taken by 10% every sec. Stacks up to 20 times.

Spell Icon Fury: Morchok enrages, decreasing the time between his attacks by 50% and increases his damage by 20% for until cancelled.

Warlord Zon'ozz

Countless ages ago, Warlord Zon'ozz and his soldiers waged endless war against the forces of C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. Millennia have passed, but the warlord still serves the chaotic might of the Old God N'Zoth. Deathwing has now unleashed this legendary faceless one to crush the defenders of Wyrmrest Temple.

Spell Icon Focused Anger: Every 5 seconds, Warlord Zon'ozz becomes increasingly focused on his primary target, increasing damage done by 5%.

Spell Icon Psychic Drain: Warlord Zon'ozz channels a wave of psychic force in a cone in front of the himself, dealing 160000 Shadow damage, leeching life for ten times that amount.

Spell Icon Disrupting Shadows: Warlord Zon'ozz curses random targets with Disrupting Shadows. Disrupting Shadows deal 36000 Shadow damage every 2 seconds. If removed, it will knock back all players within 10 yards.

Spell Icon Void of the Unmaking: Warlord Zon'ozz summons a void of shadows. This void will travel forward until it encounters a soul to absorb. The void then diffuses, causing 200000 Shadow damage split evenly between nearby units. The force of this diffusion causes the void to richocet in the opposite direction, and the souls it absorbed increases the damage it deals by 200000% per diffusion.

A Necessary Distraction!

If the Void of the Unmaking collides with the Warlord Zon'ozz, it will cause a distracting shock to him, increasing the damage he takes by 5% for every stack of Void Diffusion that the void had on impact. This collision enrages Warlord Zon'ozz, causing him to awaken the Mouth of Iso'rath, but lose any stacks of Focused Anger he had acquired.

Claw of Iso'rath

These units will knock back nearby players and emit the Blood of the Old Gods.

Spell Icon Blood of the Old Gods: Deals 25000 Shadow damage every 200 second to all nearby enemies.

Eye of Iso'rath

These units will cast a Shadowy Gaze at a random enemy, dealing 31200 Shadow damage.

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

Since the fall of the Bastion of Twilight, Yor'sahj the Unsleeping has eagerly assisted Deathwing, providing the Destroyer with the means to release more faceless ones from their prisons deep beneath the earth. Their numbers are endless and their power is beyond reckoning, and Yor'sahj intends to reap a grim reward for his faithful service.

Spell Icon Void Bolt: Soulflayer Yor'sahj blasts his primary target with dark energy, dealing 75000 Shadow damage and reducing the amount of healing they take by -5%.

Call Blood of the Old Gods: Soulflayer Yor'sahj calls to the might of the Old Gods, summoning a globule of their blood. These globules will path slowly towards Yor'sahj, infusing him with their powers if they reach him.

Spell Icon Fusing Vapors: When attacked, the blood globules emit a vapor that fuses with all other nearby globules, healing them for 5% of their maximum life

Spell Icon Glowing Blood of the Old Gods: Yor'sahj becomes Infused with the Glowing Blood of the Old Gods, causing Void Bolt to hit all nearby targets, reducing the cooldowns by half, and increasing attack speed by 50%.

Spell Icon Cobalt Blood of the Old Gods: Grants the ability: Mana Void. Mana voids will leech the mana from all casters and healers, storing it in the void. Destroying the mana void will return the sum of the mana leeched evenly to all units within 18 yards.

Spell Icon Crimson Blood of the Old Gods: Grants the ability: Searing Blood. Yor'sahj sears the blood of random enemies, dealing 25000 base Fire damage. The further the target stands from Yor'sahj, the more shock they receive from the blast.

Spell Icon Black Blood of the Old Gods: Causes the mouth of Iso'rath to become a bubbling cesspool of corruption, spawning Forgotten Ones periodically.

Forgotten One

These creatures fixate on a random target.

Spell Icon Psychic Slice: Channels a wave of psychic force in a cone in front of the caster, dealing 160000 Shadow damage.

Spell Icon Acidic Blood of the Old Gods: Causes the mouth of Iso'rath to bubble with Digestive Juices. Digestive acid periodically leaks from the stomach lining, dealing 35000 Nature damage to an enemy and its surrounding allies within 4 yards.

Spell Icon Shadowed Blood of the Old Gods: Grants the ability: Deep Corruption. Healing or absorbtion effects taken while under this effect will trigger a detonation at 5 stacks, dealing 50000 Shadow damage to all nearby allies.

Hagara the Stormbinder

Hagara, one of the first students of arcane magic under the Forsaken, showed surprising potential for one who had started learning so late in life. But in her undisciplined attempts to bind elementals into servitude, she was ensnared and twisted by the Windlord, Al'Akir. Now fiercely loyal to the Twilight's Hammer, Hagara binds others for her elemental masters to torment.

You pups don't stand a chance!

Hagara wields the power of ice to paralyze and destroy her enemies.

Spell Icon Ice Lance: Hagara conjures crystals of ice that fire lances towards melee attackers. The lances deal 15000 Frost damage in a 3 yard area around the first enemy struck.

Spell Icon Ice Tomb: Hagara traps an enemy in a tomb of ice. The tomb remains until destroyed.

Spell Icon Frost Orb: Launches a missile at a random enemy which lands 8 seconds later. Inflicts 53000 Frost damage and reduces the enemy's movement speed for 4 sec.

Spell Icon Focused Assault: Slices rapidly at the enemy for 5 sec.

Spell Icon Frozen Tempest: Hagara repels all enemies to the outer ring of the Oculus, where they must flee a moving wave of ice.

Spell Icon Water Shield: While casting Frozen Tempest, Hagara protects herself with a shield of water, granting her invulnerability.

Binding Crystal

Four binding crystals protect Hagara while she channels Frozen Tempest. Destroying them removes her shield.

Electrical Conduit: Hagara conjures a lightning storm to electrocute all nearby enemies.

Crystal Conductor: Hagara conjures crystal rods which protect her from the lightning storm she conjures. Crystal rods connected to the storm deal Nature damage to allies unfortunate enough to be close.

Bound Lightning Elementals

Hagara calls two elementals to aid her during the electrical storm. Upon death, they cause a conductor to overload.


More an abomination of dark energy than a dragon, Ultraxion has spent his short life absorbing the essence of captured nether dragons. Ultraxion is the only twilight dragon Deathwing has praised, and his arrogance is overshadowed only by the crackling energies surging through his twisted form. Loyal to his master, Ultraxion swears to bring about the fall of Wyrmrest Temple.

Warmaster Blackhorn

Though once vast in number, only a few dozen twilight dragons now remain. Astride these hardened survivors are the last vestiges of the Twilight's Hammer's army: the elite drake riders of Deathwing's personal escort. Led by the insidious Warmaster Blackhorn, they move with unholy purpose, driven to protect their dark master.

Spine of Deathwing

When Deathwing first channeled the Dragon Soul's power against the other flights, the massive energies that were unleashed threatened to break apart his very body. Rather than forgo this weapon, he had adamantium plates fused to his scales to hold his body together. Later reinforced with elementium, these plates are now his weakness--the sole vulnerability to Deathwing's lethal presence.

Barrel Roll: Throughout the encounter, Deathwing tries to throw players from his back when he senses that they are all standing on the same side of his spine. During a barrel roll, all players and other creatures not attached to his back are thrown off.

Elementium Reinforced Plates

The glancing strike from the Dragon Soul has destroyed one of the large armor plates on Deathwing's back and loosened another three. All of these plates must be removed if Thrall is to have a chance to get a clear shot.

Burning Tendons

Burning Tendons are exposed when one of Deathwing's armor plates is pried up. Destroying these fibrous strands is the key to removing an armor plate.

Spell Icon Seal Armor Breach: When an armor plate is pried up, the Burning Tendons rapidly pull the plate closed, protecting the tendons from further damage and preventing the plate from flying off.

Deathwing's Immune System

The creatures that comprise Deathwing's Immune System emerge from the holes in his back left by torn off armor plates. Deathwing defends himself with increasing intensity as more plates are torn off.

Spell Icon Grasping Tendrils: These tendrils sprout from holes in Deathwing's back that aren't currently occupied by Corruption tentacles. Players that wander too close will be grasped, reducing their movement speed by -50% and inflicting 15000 Fire damage every 0 sec. until they move away. This effect prevents players from being thrown off Deathwing's back.


These tentacles are dramatic physical manifestations of the Old God Corruption that runs rampant through Deathwing's body. They are the first to emerge from the holes in his back left by armor plates, and they seal the wound completely, preventing any other creatures from emerging from it.

Spell Icon Searing Plasma: Coats the victim in the searing blood of Deathwing. The thick blood will absorb up to 300000 healing done to the target and will cause the victim to cough up blood, periodically inflicting 10000 Physical damage.

Spell Icon Fiery Grip: Grips victims with a whip-like cord of plasma, stunning them for up to 30 sec and inflicting 50000 Fire damage every 5 sec. The corruption must channel to maintain this effect, and it may be broken by inflicting significant damage to the tentacle. This effect prevents players from being thrown off Deathwing's back.

Hideous Amalgamation

These unstable creatures are a patchwork of Elementium Armor fragments and pieces of the former Dragon's body held together by his molten blood.

Spell Icon Absorb Blood: Absorbs nearby Corrupted Blood residue. The Amalgamation grows more unstable with each Residue absorbed, increasing its damage by 10% and attack speed by 10%. At stacks it will become superheated.

Spell Icon Superheated Nucleus: The core of the Amalgamation becomes critically unstable, causing it to inflict 15000 Fire damage to all enemies every 3 sec. If it is destroyed in this state it will trigger a Nuclear Blast.

Spell Icon Nuclear Blast: The superheated nucleus of the Amalgamation triggers a massive explosion, inflicting 500000 Fire damage to targets within 10 yds. This blast is powerful enough to pry up one of Deathwing's Elementium plates if it is within range.

Spell Icon Degradation: Destroyed Amalgamations degrade the maximum health of all enemy targets by -6%. This effect occurs regardless of the state of the nucleus and stacks up to $106005u times.

Spell Icon Blood Corruption: Death: Deathwing's corruption courses through your veins. This corruption will take hold if it is not removed quickly, infecting the player with the Blood of Deathwing. When dispelled this effect jumps to a new target and can mutate into Blood Corruption: Earth.

Spell Icon Blood of Deathwing: The blood of Deathwing explodes violently from your veins, inflicting 875000 Fire damage to you and several other players.

Spell Icon Blood Corruption: Earth: A shadow of Neltharion courses through your veins. This corruption will take hold if it is not removed quickly, infecting the player with the Blood of Neltharion. When dispelled this effect jumps to a new target and can mutate into Blood Corruption: Death.

Spell Icon Blood of Neltharion: The barest hint of a shadow of the former Earth-Warder suffuses your blood. Damage taken from all sources is reduced by -10%. This effect can stack up to times.

Corrupted Blood

These living globs of Deathwing's blood appear fragile, but leave behind an indestructible residue when killed.

Spell Icon Burst: Corrupted Blood explodes when destroyed, inflicting 25000 Fire damage to nearby enemies.

Spell Icon Residue: This indestructible residue is left behind when a Corrupted Blood is destroyed. It slowly creeps toward the nearest hole in Deathwing's Back where it will be reconstituted into a new Corrupted Blood.

Madness of Deathwing

A warped mass of molten hatred and unfathomable power, this formless, mindless horror cannot be stopped. Whatever was left of Neltharion the Earth-Warder is long gone, his mind and soul corrupted and devoured by his Old God masters. All this monstrous being desires is destruction, annihilation, and the end of all things.

Stage One: The Final Assault

Deathwing assaults his enemies as long as he is attached to the platforms by his twisted limbs.

Assault Aspect: Deathwing begins to search for his next enemy to assault. Deathwing will assault the platform with the largest number of players present on it that one of his limbs is still grasping onto.

Spell Icon Cataclysm: Deathwing attempts to finish the job he started by bringing forth a second Cataclysm, inflicting 1500000 Fire damage to all enemies.

Spell Icon Elementium Meteor:
Deathwing creates an Elementium Meteor, sending it to the target platform.

Elementium Meteor

If the Elementium Meteor reaches it's destination it will inflict 400000 Fire damage to all enemies the damage decreases the further from the target location.

Spell Icon Hemorrhage: Deathwing's tentacle begins to Hemorrhage, causing several Regenerative Blood to spawn at a nearby location.

Regenerative Blood

The Regenerative Blood of Deathwing forms. Regenerative Blood's gain ten energy every 1 sec. Regenerative Blood's attacks additionally cause Degenerative Bite.

Regnerative: The Regenerative Blood will heal to full health when reaching max energy.

Spell Icon Degenerative Bite: Attacks cause Degenerative Bite which inflicts 1499 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 10 sec. Stacks.

Limb Tentacle

Deathwing is grasping onto each platform with one of his Limbs, holding him up.

Spell Icon Burning Blood: The Burning Blood gushes from the Tentacle, inflicting Fire damage every 2 sec. The damage is increased the lower health the Limb Tentacle is.

Blistering Tentacle

Every 20% health the Limb Tentacle sprouts several Blistering Tentacles.

Spell Icon Blistering Heat: The Blistering Heat inflicts 4000 Fire damage every 2 sec. Blistering Heat increases damage by 0 every stack. Stacks.

Spell Icon Agonizing Pain: The pain from severing Deathwing's limb interrupts his concentration, stunning him and inflicting 20% of his health in damage.

Tail Tentacle

Deathwing's Tail Tentacle appears shortly after assaulting a platform.

Spell Icon Crush: The crushing weight of the Tail Tentacle inflicts 75000 Physical damage to enemies in a cone in front of the Tail Tentacle.

Spell Icon Impale: The Tail Tentacle impales it's target, inflicting 400000 Physical damage split among enemies within 6 yards of the Impale target.

Stage Two: The Last Stand

At 20% health Deathwing falls forward onto the platform.

Elementium Fragment

Pieces of Deathwing's armor begin to chip off, forming an Elementium Fragment at nearby locations.

Spell Icon Shrapnel: The Fragment fires a piece of Shrapnel at the target, inflicting 200000 Physical damage, piercing through armor.

Elementium Terror

Pieces of Deathwing's armor begin to chip off, forming an Elementium Terror at nearby locations.

Spell Icon Tetanus: The Elementium Terror's attacks cause Tetnus, inflicting 150000 Physical damage and an additional 30000 Physical damage every 1 sec. Stacks.

Spell Icon Corrupted Blood: The Corrupted Blood gushes from Deathwing, inflicting Fire damage every 2 sec. The damage is increased the lower health Deathwing is.

Aspects: The great aspects assist in the fight against Deathwing. Each aspect will channel Expose Weakness on their respective Limb Tentacle when Deathwing begins to cast Cataclysm, increasing the damage done to the Tentacle by 200%. Additionally each aspect will begin to channel Concentration after it's respective tentacle is destroyed, preventing them from assisting the players with their presence and their special powers. When Phase two begins all of the aspects will resume assisting the champions.


Spell Icon Alexstrasza's Presence: The Presence of the great aspect Alexstrasza increases max health by 30%.

Spell Icon Cauterize: Alexstrasza begins to Cauterize the Blistering Tentacles, inflicting lethal damage over 10 sec.


Spell Icon Nozdormu's Presence: The Presence of the aspect Nozdormu increases Haste by 30%.

Spell Icon Time Zone: Nozdormu forms a Time Zone at the target location, causing the Elementium Meteor to lapse in time, decreasing its travel speed dramatically when entering the Time Zone. Additionally any enemy creatures within the Time Zone have their attack speed decreased by -50%.


Spell Icon Ysera's Presence: The Presence of the great aspect Ysera increases healing done by 30%.

Spell Icon Dreaming:
The Presence of the great aspect Ysera allows players to enter the Dream, decreasing damage taken by -50%.


Spell Icon Kalecgos' Presence: The Presence of the great aspect Kalecgos increases damage dealt by 30%.

Spell Icon Spell-Weaving: The Presence of the great aspect Kalecgos causes attacks and abilities to cause Spellweaving. Spellweaving inflicts 100000 Arcane damage to enemies within 8 yards, excluding the target.


Spell Icon Carrying Winds: The Carrying Winds will take players to the adjacent platform. The Carrying Winds increase your move speed by 60%. Stacks.

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