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[DEPRECATED]Inspecting the Ruins

Blizzard пометили это задание как устаревшее — его нельзя получить или выполнить.
Investigate the Shady Rest Inn in at the border of the Barrens in Dustwallow Marsh.


If you follow the road south from the village, and then west toward the Barrens, you'll come across the ruins of the Shady Rest Inn.

Theramore has sent an investigator to discover how the inn met its fate. I had a man placed in that inn as a spy and I don't trust in the competence of these humans to uncover what happened.

Whatever you find, don't give a scrap of it to that investigator. We'll handle this ourselves.

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После выполнения этого задания вы получите:
Введите эту строку в чат, чтобы узнать ваш прогресс:
/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(11124))

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