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A Demonstration of Loyalty

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Lord Solanar Bloodwrath in Silvermoon City wants you to destroy 3 Scourge Meat Wagons and kill 15 Scourge Siege Engineers.
Scourge Siege Engineer slain (15)
Destroy Scourge Meat Wagons (3)


We Blood Knights are bound to defend Quel'Thalas, <name>. This is a central part of your training. Our enemies are fierce and unrelenting. Silvermoon and its people remain free by our efforts and the support of our allies.

I have received some disturbing reports of a renewed Scourge presence to the southeast of our border with the Eastern Plaguelands. A company of Scourge siege engineers and their equipment appear to be staging for an attack on the Ghostlands. They must not be permitted to succeed.


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Upon completion of this quest you will gain: