Quick Facts

Call of Air

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Return to Farseer Nobundo at the Exodar on Azuremyst Isle with the Whorl of Air.
Whorl of Air (Provided)


While my brothers and sisters of the other elements have demanded that you perform various tasks, I will not ask anything further of you. I think that you have done enough to 'atone' for the accident of your ship falling to this place from my skies. I can see that you have all the wisdom within you already to use the element of air wisely.

Take this portion of my being back to Farseer Nobundo so that he might help you fashion your totem. And when you're ready, I will fly you back down to the Exodar.


The following spell will be cast on you:
Swift Wind
You will receive:
Air Totem


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: