Quick Facts

Grand Prize


Today between 2pm and 4pm we have a contest to determine who the greatest angler of them all is!   Just be the FIRST PERSON to bring me 40 Tastyfish fished from the Tastyfish schools found along the coast of Stranglethorn before anyone else does and you will be declared the Master Angler!

If you are not the first person to bring me 40 fish, my apprentice here will still reward you with money for each 5 Tastyfish you bring her.

Oh, and don't delay, Tastyfish go bad quickly!
Speckled Tastyfish (40)



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Arcanite Fishing Pole Hook of the Master Angler
Dread Pirate Ring Boots of the Bay
High Test Eternium Fishing Line
You will receive:
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