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Taming the Beast

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Use the Taming Rod to tame a Large Crag Boar. Practice your skills, then return the Taming Rod to Grif Wildheart in Kharanos.
Taming Rod (Provided)


Tame a Large Crag Boar


Hi there, <lad/lass>! So, you'd be wanting to know how you can gain a pet of your own?

Well, let's get started. There's nothing more important than yer equipment when it comes to hunting, but we can chat about my new Shrapnel Blaster some other time. Fer now, let's focus on something I'm sure you're quite interested in: a pet!

The best way to learn is for you to try out several creatures as companions and see what ya like. So, find a large crag boar, then use the taming rod to tame it.


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Upon completion of this quest you will gain: