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Unfinished Business

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Kill 2 Scarlet Medics, 2 Scarlet Hunters, 2 Scarlet Magi and 2 Scarlet Knights before returning to Kirsta Deepshadow in Western Plaguelands.
Scarlet Medic slain (2)
Scarlet Hunter slain (2)
Scarlet Mage slain (2)
Scarlet Knight slain (2)


I was sent as a scout to do some damage and gauge the strength of Hearthglen's defenses. Some people in the Alliance feel the little town has more than historical importance. It's not my job to question what that importance is, but regardless, I'm in no shape to continue until I rest up.

If you're willing, I'd pay handsomely for some help. Start south of here at their camp near the small bulwark they've set up. If you prove strong enough, maybe I could get your help with my main goal.



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