The Power in Our Hands

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Go to the Sword in Silithus and draw its power into your artifact.
Speak with Magni Bronzebeard (1)
Artifact Overcharged (1)


That sword of Sargeras is surgin' with dark energies. They're seepin' into Azeroth's heart like poison. The blade's power must be snuffed out. The Pillars o' Creation could do it, but they're keepin' the tomb sealed. So we need other vessels capable o' harnessin' vast energies. Vessels like those artifact weapons you and the other champions wield. It's a risk, $p. We don't know what Sargeras' power will do ta those weapons. But unless we act now, the heart of Azeroth is sure ta die.


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