Ulduar's Oath

Ask Hymdall to sound the Gjallarhorn and request Thorim's assistance.
Listen to Thorim's Response
Speak to Aerylia to go to Ulduar
Vargoth's Retreat Kill Credit Dummy 1 slain


The Defense of Ulduar


I was once leader of all of the titanforged keepers of Azeroth. We were charged by the Titans themselves to protect the world.

Once I gave up on the post of Prime Designate, I gave up any measure of influence over the other keepers. Not even my own son, Thorim, is bound to heed my commands.

The Gjallarhorn comes from a time before our falling out, however. A time of an ancient oath of honor.

Let us invoke that oath -- I am certain Thorim will answer the call.



You will receive:
Battlelord's Wristguards Greater Glory of the Order
Order Resources


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: