Quick Facts

The Imposter

Grapple up the Lion's Rest cliffs, sneak through Stormwind City to the SI:7 courtyard, and then kill Detheroc.
2nd Grapple Point reached
SI:7 Courtyard reached
Hay Bales (15)
Detheroc slain
Speak with Mathias Shaw
Meet with Taoshi in the Chamber of Shadows


Detheroc has SI:7's finest snipers on all of the rooftops. We can't mount up and we can't fly. There are grapple points above so that we can move up the cliff. We've also setup hay bales to hide in along the likely routes to SI:7. We just need to stealth in and kill Detheroc. Once we get up there, we'll separate to increase the chances of at least one of us making it through the city. Good luck, <name>.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Arcanum of the Order Heartbeat of the Order
Fel Ward of the Order Flame of the Order
Icy Core of the Order Light of the Order
Iron Will of the Order Prosperity of the Order
Dusk of the Order Gale Wind of the Order
You will receive:
Chestguard of the Uncrowned Greater Glory of the Order
Order Resources


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: