Quick Facts

Assault on the Broken Precipice

Take out as many Shadowmoon orcs and their Void minions as you can.


Exploit the conflict at the Broken Precipice


Defeat Minus Enemies  (100)


Defeat Tier 1 Enemies  (25)


Defeat - Elite  (13)


Defeat - Rare Elite  (7)


Defeat Vignette  (6)
Destroy Trophy (25)
Recover Artifacts (100000)


[PH]Commander! You just missed a group of rangari with some disturbing news. The Shadowmoon Orcs have been spotted in the hills above Anguish Fortress. The scouts reported seeing strange rituals and beings of pure darkness. Those orcs must be up there trying to summon more minions from the Void!

If we do not intervene all we have gained in Shadowmoon Valley might be lost!