Apply Directly to the Forehead

Use Ken-Ken's Mask to cure 8 Despondent Wardens of Zhu in Zhu's Watch.
Despondent Wardens of Zhu Cured (8)
Provided item:
Ken-Ken's Mask


Well... THAT was unexpected!

Come to think of it, now Ken-Ken remember why hozen use mask in the first place...

A legend about the Monkey King says he used a mask to cure old pandaren emperor, Shaohao, when he was too sad to lead his people. Then they buried mask--with all his sadness--in the ground.

We should use the mask on more pandaren, but instead of putting sad away in ground, we gonna PUNCH ITS BUTT.

Let's do this, <name>!



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Nayeli Leggings Mortbreath Legguards
Deepwild Legguards Narsong Legplates
Angkhal Trousers Riverblade Legguards
Sarjun Leggings Korjan Legguards
Dojani Legguards
You will receive:
Ken-Ken's Mask


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: