Quick Facts

What Goes Down, Must Come Up!

This quest is no longer available within the game.
Use the Goblin Drone Dispenser near the Exposed Root to recover supplies.

NOTE: Each use will require one Cliff Glider Tail.
Supply Crates Retrieved (5)
Provided item:
Goblin Drone Dispenser


Rivett left behind what looks to be an important piece of equipment. Along its shaft you are able to make out the words: Goblin Drone Dispenser.

With a simple calibration, the device is set to deliver drones to Nazgrim's basecamp.

Easy enough....

There's just one problem. The only supply crates worth transporting have fallen to the cliff ledge below the crash impact.

As you ponder the issue, you see the long, coiled tail of a Cliff Glider fly by the corner of your eye...


You will receive:
Coiled Cliff Glider Tail Goblin Drone Dispenser