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Doling Justice

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Kill 12 Grimtotem Naturalists, 10 Grimtotem Raiders, and 6 Grimtotem Shamans before returning to Jer'kai Moonweaver in Feralas.
Grimtotem Naturalist slain (12)
Grimtotem Raider slain (10)
Grimtotem Shaman slain (6)


As she's already told you, Kindal and I will now take the fight to the Grimtotem. Together, we should still be able to pick off some of the tauren without much threat to ourselves, but we'd love some help if you're willing and able.

You've seen the camp below us, but there are more to the east. Using your own tactics, deal as much damage to the tauren as you can. We can all meet back here after they've felt the sting of Kindal's arrows and your own weapons.



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