Quick Facts

Our Mortal Enemies

Kill 15 Ninjas on Jaguero Isle.
Ninja slain (15)
Provided item:
Dead-Eye's Flare Gun


Hey, new <guy/girl>, take a look at this.

<The dwarf flips up his eyepatch to reveal a living, functional eyeball.>

I don't wear this patch because of any lost eye. I wear it because this OTHER eye is so strong, the normal one was just weighin' it down.

This eye's good for seein' all kinds of things, like those masked hooligans that follow us around. Fleet Master says that they've been spotted over on Jaguero Isle. Once you get there, fire this flare gun, and I'll help you spot 'em.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Mortal Naginata Other-Eye Patch
Pauldrons of the Eternal Battle One-Eye Patch
Adversarial Blackjack
You will receive:
Dead-Eye's Flare Gun