Quick Facts


This quest is no longer available within the game.
Collect 5 Threshadon Teeth and 5 Threshadon Claws, then bring them to Kelt Thomasin.
Threshadon Tooth (5)
Threshadon Claw (5)


Now, this will no doubt convince you that I am, as they say--and don't deny it, I know what they say--of an addled mind, obsessed with an impossible legend. An old dwarven legend, it is, of an enormous monster that lives in the depths of the Loch. I spent a good bit of my life trying to track it down, and I believe I got close, but alas, I fear old age has caught up to me. If you would like to try hunting down the monster of the Loch, bring me some treshadon teeth and claws.

<He smiles mysteriously.>