Quick Facts
Vashj'ir, Kelp'thar Forest & Shimmering Expanse
  1. Call of Duty
  2. Sea Legs
  3. Pay It Forward
  4. Rest For the Weary
  5. Buy Us Some Time
  6. Traveling on Our Stomachs
  7. To Arms!
  8. Stormwind Elite Aquatic and Land Forces
  9. On Our Own Terms
  10. All or Nothing
  11. Call of Duty
  12. Sea Legs
  13. Pay It Forward
  14. Rest For the Weary
  15. Buy Us Some Time
  16. Traveling on Our Stomachs
  17. Girding Our Loins
  18. Helm's Deep
  19. Finders, Keepers
  20. Bring It On!
  21. Blood and Thunder!
  22. Better Late Than Dead
  23. The Abyssal Ride
  24. Gimme Shelter!
  25. Ain't Too Proud to Beg
  26. A Taste For Tail
  27. A Girl's Best Friend
  28. Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark
  29. Ophidophobia
  30. A Desperate Plea
  31. Oh, the Insanity!
  32. Dah, Nunt... Dah, Nunt...
  33. Shark Weak
  34. DUN-dun-DUN-dun-DUN-dun
  35. A Bone to Pick
  36. Decisions, Decisions
  37. Undersea Sanctuary
  38. Spelunking
  39. Debriefing
  40. Spelunking
  41. Debriefing
  42. Wake of Destruction
  43. Come Hell or High Water
  44. What? What? In My Gut...?
  45. What? What? In My Gut...?
  46. Decompression
  47. Decompression
  48. The Warden's Time
  49. Across the Great Divide
  50. The Looming Threat
  51. Backed Into a Corner
  52. Rundown
  53. Silver Tide Hollow
  54. The Great Sambino
  55. Undersea Inflation
  56. Totem Modification
  57. Back in One Piece
  58. Vengeful Heart
  59. Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar
  60. Nespirah
  61. Making Contact
  62. Slave Labor
  63. Stick it to Them
  64. Capture the Crab
  65. Breaking Through
  66. We Are Not Alone
  67. Hopelessly Gearless
  68. Body Blows
  69. Still Valuable
  70. Overseer Idra'kess
  71. Waking the Beast
  72. A Powerful Need To Eat
  73. Art of Attraction
  74. Odor Coater
  75. Clamming Up
  76. Bellies Await
  77. Caught Off-Guard
  78. Swift Approach
  79. An Occupation of Time
  80. A Better Vantage
  81. Upon the Scene of Battle
  82. Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir
  83. Capture the Crab
  84. Breaking Through
  85. We Are Not Alone
  86. Hopelessly Gearless
  87. Body Blows
  88. Still Valuable
  89. Overseer Idra'kess
  90. Waking the Beast
  91. Shelled Salvation
  92. Crafty Crabs
  93. Something Edible
  94. Caught Off-Guard
  95. Swift Approach
  96. An Occupation of Time
  97. A Better Vantage
  98. Upon the Scene of Battle
  99. Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir
  100. Reoccupation
  101. The Revered Lady
  102. To the Fathom-Lord's Call
  103. Built to Last
  104. Not Soon Forgotten
  105. Looking Forward
  106. Clear Goals
  107. Not Entirely Unprepared
  108. Properly Inspired
  109. Swift Action
  110. Fallen But Not Forgotten
  111. Gauging Success
  112. Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge
  113. Looking Forward
  114. Clear Goals
  115. Not Entirely Unprepared
  116. Properly Inspired
  117. Swift Action
  118. Fallen But Not Forgotten
  119. Gauging Success
  120. Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge
  121. By Her Lady's Word
  122. No Trespass Forgiven
  123. Stolen Property
  124. Chosen Burden
  125. The Culmination of Our Efforts
  126. Losing Ground
  127. Desperate Plan
  128. Hostile Waters
  129. Come Prepared
  130. Unfurling Plan
  131. Honor and Privilege
  132. Welcome News
  133. Visions of the Past: Rise from the Deep
  134. Losing Ground
  135. Desperate Plan
  136. Hostile Waters
  137. Come Prepared
  138. Unfurling Plan
  139. Honor and Privilege
  140. Welcome News
  141. Visions of the Past: Rise from the Deep
  142. Her Lady's Hand
  143. At All Costs
  144. Devout Assembly
  145. Final Judgment
  146. A Breath of Fresh Air
  147. Full Circle
  148. A Breath of Fresh Air
  149. Full Circle

Built to Last

Reactivate 6 Nar'shola Wards on the middle level of the ruins: Narshola Terrace.

This task is part of a Naz'jar Battlemaiden vision. If needed, use the Blade of the Naz'jar Battlemaiden at a time focus to return to the vision.


Nar'shola Wards activated (6)


My lady, I have a request from the High Priestess that I am to pass along to you. Many of the city's defenses remain from long before it sunk beneath the waves, and some of them are but a trivial task to reactivate, were it not for the countless Kvaldir that stand in our way.

We are told you are to be fighting on Nar'shola Terrace above us. You would do my lady a great service if you would but touch some of the devices as you pass. Your noble blood should prove more than sufficient to reactivate them.



You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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