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Trollin' For Volunteers

This quest is no longer available within the game.
Use Vol'jin's War Drums to recruit 5 Troll Citizens in Razor Hill.

You can speak to Handler Marnlek for a bat ride to Razor Hill.


Troll Volunteers recruited  (5) (1)


Troll Volunteers delivered to Champion Uru'zin  (5) (1)
Provided item:
Vol'jin's War Drums (1)


Vol'jin has given me his war drums and put me in charge of trainin' da new recruits here. Only problem is we be short on new recruits.

Supposin' I loaned ya dis drum, would ya use it to sound de call to war on Vol'jin's behalf in Razor Hill? If ya could even inspire just a few trolls to join da cause, it would make a difference. Once ya've convinced dem to volunteer, bring dem back to me for trainin'. Go over an' talk to Handler Marnlek to de south. He can lend you a bat for de ride to Razor Hill.


You will receive:
Vol'jin's War Drums


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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