Quick Facts

A Little Help From My Friends

Lead Ringo to Spraggle Frock at Marshal's Stand.

If Ringo feels weak, slap him. If he faints, use Spraggle's Canteen to revive him.


Escort Ringo to Marshal's Stand
Provided item:
Spraggle's Canteen


Ugh... It's so hot...

I was exploring this area, when all of a sudden, the heat just became unbearable. I must be suffering from heat exhaustion.

Please, help me get back to my friend Spraggle at Marshal's Stand. I think I'm well enough to follow you there.

I am feeling a little out of it, so you can slap me if I'm feeling woozy. If I do happen to faint again, just splash some water on me from Spraggle's canteen. That should work, I hope...



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Woodland Leggings Clayridge Headpiece
Jeweled Legguards
You will receive:
Spraggle's Canteen


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: