Quick Facts

How to Make Meat Fresh Again

Use the Scraps of Rotting Meat on nearby dinosaurs to lure them into the pits around Marshal's Stand.
Dinosaurs Baited (4)
Provided item:
Scraps of Rotting Meat (1)


I don't believe we've met... I'm Nolen Tacker, Marshal Expeditions' new chief of the guards. I'm also their chef. There's actually more overlap than you'd think.

I've got a fun little task for you. Have you seen the spike pits around the perimeter of the camp? See if you can convince some of the nearby dinosaurs to walk into them. If you throw this rotten meat at them when they're not looking, it'll either make them hungry or angry. Either way is fine, as long as they follow you into the pit!



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Stegodon Tusk Mace Osteoderm Belt
Diemetradon Plate Gloves Tailspike Pike
You will receive:
Scraps of Rotting Meat


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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