Quick Facts
Blood of the Barrens
Southern Barrens
  1. Running the Gauntlet
  2. Breaking the Siege
  3. Futile Resistance
  4. Repel Boarders!
  5. The Guns of Northwatch
  6. Run Out the Guns
  7. Langridge Shot
  8. Re-Take the Courtyard
  9. Back in the Fight
  10. Lifting the Siege
  11. Silencing Rageroar
  12. Teegan's People
  13. Scavenged
  14. Filthy Animals
  15. Make 'em Squeal
  16. A Failure to Communicate
  17. You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me
  18. Trouble From the Ground Up
  19. Clear the High Road
  20. Feeding the Fear
  21. Warriors' Redemption
  22. Eye for an Eye
  23. Holdout at Hunter's Hill
  24. Raptor Scraps
  25. Put the Fear in Them
  26. The Low Road
  27. Stalling the Survey
  28. Keeping the Dogs at Bay
  29. Bad to Worse
  30. Speaking Their Language
  31. When Plants Attack
  32. A Curious Bloom
  33. Biological Intervention
  34. Adder Subtraction
  35. Lashvine Seeds
  36. Sowing a Solution
  37. To Harvest Chaos
  38. The Nightmare Scar
  39. Diplomacy By Another Means
  40. Lion's Pride
  41. Marching On Our Stomachs
  42. Fields of Blood
  43. A Line in the Dirt
  44. Clap 'Em In Irons
  45. The Taurajo Briefs
  46. Pick-a-Part
  47. Powder Play
  48. Batteries Not Yet Included
  49. Claim the Battlescar
  50. Working the Bugs Out
  51. A Line in the Dirt
  52. Meet the New Boss
  53. Lion's Pride
  54. Siegebreaker
  55. Taking Back Taurajo
  56. Honoring the Dead
  57. Desolation Hold Inspection
  58. Changing of the Gar'dul
  59. Flightmare
  60. Silithissues
  61. Claim the Battle Scar
  62. Intelligence Warfare
  63. The Butcher of Taurajo
  64. Parts-is-Parts
  65. Hearts-is-Hearts
  66. Smarts-is-Smarts
  67. A Growing Threat
  68. Mangletooth
  69. Mahka's Plea
  70. Don't Stop Bereavin'
  71. Mangletooth
  72. The Disturbed Earth
  73. Blood of the Barrens
  74. Echoes of Agamaggan
  75. Digsite Status
  76. Hands Off Me Dig!
  77. Feegly the Exiled
  78. Marley's Final Flight
  79. He Needs Ale!
  80. Bael'dun Rescue
  81. Who Did This?
  82. Twinbraid Needs to Know
  83. The Bad News
  84. Kill 'em All!
  85. ...And Bury the Rest
  86. The Deed Is Done
  87. A Weezil in the Henhouse
  88. Dwarf Fortress
  89. Sabotage!

Blood of the Barrens

Collect 6 Blood Shard Trinkets from Razormane Quilboar.
Blood Shard Trinket (6)
Provided item:
Carved Boar Idol (1)


This bright red stone, found clutched in the grasp of a quilboar, has been carefully carved into the likeness of a great boar, with thorny vines sprouting from its back. Its surface is smooth and worn with care.

Did the quilboar make this? If you find others, maybe one of the shaman at Firestone Point could tell you more about them.




You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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