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All Things in Good Time

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Kilix the Unraveler in the Pit of Narjun wants you to obtain an Ahn'kahar Watcher's Corpse and place it upon the Ahn'kahet Brazier in Ahn'kahet.

This quest can only be completed on Heroic Difficulty.


Ahn'kahar Watcher Corpse Burned (1)


Ahn'kahet, from whence we came...

One day, I dream, we shall overcome the death and darkness that hold our ancient home in their grip. To that end, I have a plan to weaken the resolve of our enemies.

Their precious Watchers must burn!

Take their corpses and place them upon the brazier deep within the city. The scent of their burnt remains will linger in the air, reminding our enemy of their weakness.

Be mindful, <class>! Their undead corpses are most fragile and will deteriorate rapidly.



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