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Troll Patrol

This quest is no longer available within the game.
Commander Kunz at the Argent Stand wants you to visit the four Argent Crusade posts, follow their captain's orders, and then return and report to him.

Captain Brandon and Captain Rupert are posted at Drak'Sotra, Captain Grondel is posted in Drak'Agal, and Alchemist Finklestein is posted in Heb'Valok.
Captain Brandon's Task
Captain Rupert's Task
Captain Grondel's Task
Alchemist Finklestein's Task


Unsheathe that weapon, <race>. It's time to go on patrol!

I've got four posts under my command and it's crucial to our success that they remain in our control. I'm ordering you to visit each of them and offer your assistance.

You can begin with Captain Brandon southeast of here. He'll direct you to the next post when he's finished with you.

Report back to me once you've assisted each of my men. And remember, you'll be more richly rewarded for returning to me quickly - so double-time it!




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