Quick Facts
Fruits of Our Labor
Borean Tundra
  1. Enlistment Day
  2. A Time for Heroes
  3. The Siege
  4. Death From Above
  5. Plug the Sinkholes
  6. A Soldier in Need
  7. Cultists Among Us
  8. Notify Arlos
  9. Enemies of the Light
  10. Further Investigation
  11. The Hunt is On
  12. Military? What Military?
  13. Pernicious Evidence
  14. Reference Material
  15. It's Time for Action
  16. Take No Chances
  17. Repurposed Technology
  18. Fruits of Our Labor
  19. One Last Delivery
  20. Weapons for Farshire
  21. Call to Arms!
  22. Thassarian, My Brother
  23. The Late William Allerton
  24. Lost and Found
  25. In Wine, Truth
  26. A Deserter
  27. Cowards and Fools
  28. Karuk's Oath
  29. Gamel the Cruel
  30. A Father's Words
  31. The Trident of Naz'jan
  32. The Emissary
  33. A Mission Statement
  34. Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves
  35. Khu'nok Will Know
  36. Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer
  37. Nedar, Lord of Rhinos...
  38. Happy as a Clam
  39. The Abandoned Reach
  40. Not On Our Watch
  41. The Nefarious Clam Master...
  42. Unfit for Death
  43. The Culler Cometh
  44. The Assassination of Harold Lane
  45. Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly
  46. Monitoring the Rift: Sundered Chasm
  47. Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern
  48. Prison Break
  49. Abduction
  50. The Borean Inquisition
  51. The Art of Persuasion
  52. Sharing Intelligence
  53. A Race Against Time
  54. Reforging the Key
  55. Taking Wing
  56. Rescuing Evanor
  57. Dragonspeak
  58. Traversing the Rift
  59. Nuts for Berries
  60. Keep the Secret Safe
  61. Basic Training
  62. Hatching a Plan
  63. Drake Hunt
  64. Cracking the Code
  65. Puzzling...
  66. The Cell
  67. Keristrasza
  68. Bait and Switch
  69. Saragosa's End
  70. Mustering the Reds
  71. Springing the Trap
  72. The Son of Karkut
  73. Not Without a Fight!
  74. Muahit's Wisdom
  75. Spirits Watch Over Us
  76. The Tides Turn
  77. The Mechagnomes
  78. What's the Matter with the Transmatter?
  79. Check in With Bixie
  80. Oh Great... Plagued Magnataur!
  81. There's Something Going On In Those Caves
  82. Rats, Tinky Went into the Necropolis!
  83. Might As Well Wipe Out the Scourge
  84. I'm Stuck in this Damned Cage... But Not For Long!
  85. Let Bixie Know
  86. Back to the Airstrip
  87. Dirty, Stinkin' Snobolds!
  88. Just a Few More Things...
  89. Hah... You're Not So Big Now!
  90. Plan B
  91. It Was The Orcs, Honest!
  92. Re-Cursive
  93. Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty
  94. The Gearmaster
  95. Finding Pilot Tailspin
  96. A Little Bit of Spice
  97. Lupus Pupus
  98. Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph C
  99. Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph D
  100. Give Fizzcrank the News
  101. Scouting the Sinkholes
  102. Fueling the Project
  103. A Bot in Mammoth's Clothing
  104. Deploy the Shake-n-Quake!
  105. Learning to Communicate
  106. Winterfin Commerce
  107. Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!
  108. Them!
  109. I'm Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner
  110. Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!!
  111. Succulent Orca Stew
  112. The Spare Suit
  113. Surrender... Not!
  114. Keymaster Urmgrgl
  115. Escape from the Winterfin Caverns
  116. Surrounded!
  117. Thassarian, the Death Knight
  118. Finding the Phylactery
  119. Buying Some Time
  120. Words of Power
  121. Last Rites

Fruits of Our Labor

Go to the mine in Farshire, obtain the Cart Release Key from Captain Jacobs and use it to release the ore cart. Return to Gerald Green in Farshire when you've completed this task.
Ore Cart released (1)
Cart Release Key (1)


The Scourge just keeps coming... but we can't give up! Listen, <name>. Inside that mine there's a cart with the last of the ore the Alliance is going to see on this side of the continent for a long time.

The problem is the cart release is locked. When the military went in there, Captain Jacobs commandeered all the important equipment, including the cart release key.

The plague that affected the soldiers in the mine must also have affected Jacobs. Get the key from him and salvage the ore.



You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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