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The Falcon's Essence

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Defeat the Guardian of the Falcon, obtain the Essence of the Falcon. Use Arthorn's Sparrowhawk Whistle to call Arthorn's Sparrowhawk to relay news of your success.

If you lose Arthorn's Sparrowhawk Whistle, return to Arthorn Windsong at the Evergrove for a replacement.
Essence of the Falcon (1)
Arthorn's Sparrowhawk Whistle (Provided) (1)


<The bird speaks with Arthorn's voice.>

The second spirit bound by the raven's followers was the falcon.

It was subdued and imprisoned close to Skettis as a reminder to the raven-priests when they held power.

On the shores of Lake Ere'Noru, to the northwest of Skettis, you'll find the falcon's shrine.

To overcome the falcon's guardian, you'll need to use the falcon's strengths to your advantage. Use the speed and grace of your cat form to defeat the guardian before it reaches full strength!


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