Quick Facts

Temple of Sethraliss


  • Adderis and Aspix – A pair of powerful sethrak charged with guarding the temple's entrance to prevent anyone from interfering with their master's plot.
  • Merektha – Merektha is the product of foul experiments to produce an army of unstoppable beasts. With her clutch of eggs beginning to hatch, this mother is on the hunt for victims to serve as food for her ravenous children.
  • Galvazzt – With the corruption of her temple, Sethraliss' command of lightning has created twisted elementals that roam the sunken chambers. The most powerful of these creatures is called Galvazzt, capable of eradicating anything that crosses its path.
  • Avatar of Sethraliss – The Heart of Sethraliss is in the grips of a terrible power that seeks to corrupt her. Her avatar must be restored before this evil takes root and she is reborn as a dark loa capable of destroying the whole of Vol'dun.