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Siege of Boralus


  • Chopper Redhook – Chopper Redhook's brutality is feared throughout Kul Tiras. Supported by Irontide forces, Chopper is free to rampage through Boralus, relishing the chaos rampant in the streets.
  • Sergeant Bainbridge – Sergeant Bainbridge is a rigid officer that vehemently enforces his rule of iron. Believing weakness should be punishable by death, Bainbridge is quick to send those who offend him to the noose.
  • Dread Captain Lockwood – Dread Captain Lockwood commands a host of Azerite artillery. Currently her cannons are trained on the palace, threatening to reduce the seat of the Proudmoore's power to rubble unless they surrender.
  • Hadal Darkfathom – Hadal Darkfathom is an ancient sea giant called from the depths to unleash his fury on Boralus. Using his powerful strength he crushes buildings, statues and civilians alike.
  • Viq'Goth – Summoned from the depths by Lady Ashvane, Viq'Goth has devastated the harbor. Capable of pulling entire galleons to the crushing depths, this leviathan must be defeated before the Kul Tiran fleet is destroyed.


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