Quick Facts

Tol Barad

Scenario: An Eye for a Scepter

  • Stage 1 – Where Are They?
    The Shadow Council is most likely looking for a prisoner. The cell blocks are a good choice to start.
  • Stage 2 – The Other Players
    The remaining Council aspirants have been greatly thinned. Meet up with the survivors and find out their plans.
  • Stage 3 – The Third One
    Tyranis Malem was sent ahead deeper into D-Block. Head into the cells, find him, and find out what he knows.
  • Stage 4 – An Unfortunate Accident
    It is easier to get more credit with less help. Tyranis should suffer an unfortunate accident. Break the chain he holds or leave him to his fate.
  • Stage 5 – Back to Searching
    The manifest isn't here, time to continue the search elsewhere.
  • Stage 6 – A Secret Meeting
    Nagaz needs "help with something", probably a trap. Wait for him to spring it, then turn the tables.
  • Stage 7 – Back to the Manifest
    Continue searching for the prison manifest in the cell block.
  • Stage 8 – The Final Wing
    Allaris believes the manifest to be here. Accompany him and find it.
  • Stage 9 – Baradin Hold
    The manifest indicates that the target is in Baradin Hold. Go there with Allaris and find the creature.
  • Final Stage – The Eye of the Beast
    The massive void terror has consumed the Eye. Kill it to retrieve the Eye.