Quick Facts

Halls of Lightning


  • General Bjarngrim – The iron forces of Loken are legion and their general, Bjarngrim, stands above them all. As the vanguard of Loken's Halls of Lightning, the iron commander ensures that any who trespass in his master's domain are terminated with extreme prejudice.
  • Volkhan – Loken's powerful legions are a testament to the craftsmanship of his blacksmith, Volkhan. His work is never ending, ceaselessly creating soldiers to fight for the fallen keeper. Only when the blacksmith's creations stand atop the crumpled bodies of their enemies will his work be done.
  • Ionar – Loken does not rely on his iron minions as his personal defenders. The fallen keeper relies upon lightning itself. Ionar and its cohorts were given sanctuary within the Halls of Lightning in exchange for their unquestioning loyalty and willingness to slaughter any who seek to confront their new master.
  • Loken – The prime designate of Azeroth was tasked to keep Yogg-Saron secure within its prison. None could have foreseen that the keeper entrusted to safeguard the world from the Old God's malevolence would be the one responsible for its undoing.