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Frost Fever


Spell Details

Duration 24 seconds
School Frost
Mechanic n/a
Dispel type Disease
GCD category n/a
Cost None
Range 50000 yards (Anywhere - Unlimited)
Cast time Instant
Cooldown n/a
GCD 0 seconds
Effect #1Apply Aura: Periodic Damage (127)
Interval: 3 seconds (AP mod: 0.214)
PVP Multiplier: 1
Effect #2Apply Aura: Mod All Damage Done % by Caster
PVP Multiplier: 1

Affected Spells:
Blood Plague Frost Fever Rune Strike
Howling Blast Death Strike Blood Boil
Scourge Strike Outbreak Festering Strike
Unholy Blight Marrowrend Death's Caress
Heart Strike Blooddrinker Frostscythe
Unholy Assault Clawing Shadows Consumption
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Apocalypse Soul Reaper Harrowing Decay
Helchains Helchains Shackle the Unworthy
Abomination Limb Abomination Limb Superstrain
Blood Boil Horrid Experimentation Glacial Contagion
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Effect #3Apply Aura: Mod Damage Taken From Caster Pet %
PVP Multiplier: 1
Effect #4Apply Aura: Mod Damage Taken From Caster %
PVP Multiplier: 1
  • Is Ability
  • Aura is Debuff
  • Ignore Line of Sight
  • Cannot miss
  • Do Not Display Range
  • Not In Spellbook
  • Aura Never Bounces
  • Suppress Weapon Procs
  • Periodic Can Crit
  • Aura Points On Client
  • Bypass Visibility Check
  • Allow Class Ability Procs
  • Nameplate Personal Buffs/Debuffs
  • Periodic Refresh Extends Duration