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Patch Campaign
  1. The First Move
  2. The Battle of Ardenweald
  3. Can't Turn Our Backs
  4. Report to Oribos
  5. A Gathering of Covenants
  6. Voices of the Eternal
  7. The Heart of Ardenweald
  8. Opening the Maw
  9. Link to the Maw
  10. Mysteries of the Maw
  11. Korthia, the City of Secrets
  12. Opening to Oribos
  13. The Caged Bird
  14. Claim the Sky
  15. Birds of a Feather
  16. A Hate-Hate Relationship
  17. Fury Given Voice
  18. The Chosen Few
  19. Wrath of Odyn
  20. A Show of Gratitude
  21. Hearing Aid
  22. Ease of Passage
  23. Anger Management
  24. Grab Bag
  25. Tears of the Damned
  26. Focusing the Eye
  27. Good News, Everyone!
  28. Who is the Maw Walker?
  29. Charge of the Covenants
  30. Mawsplaining
  31. A Paladin's Soul
  32. Wounded Memories
  33. Step Into the Light
  34. He Was My Student
  35. I Intend to Live Forever
  36. A Triumphant Return
  37. Blind Loyalty
  38. Compassion in Devotion
  39. Reclaimable Anima
  40. Rebuilding Faith
  41. Directing Dedication
  42. The Vesper Rings
  43. The Grand Reception
  44. The New Path
  45. New Sigil of the Kyrian
  46. The Chains of Command
  47. Gates of the Damned
  48. Weapon in Hand
  49. Clip Their Wings
  50. A Job Done Right
  51. Bending Bars
  52. What Maldraxxus Does Best
  53. Forsworn and Forgotten
  54. A Traitor's Due
  55. Victory in Our Name
  56. Filling an Empty Throne
  57. The Roads We Walk
  58. Dread Tidings
  59. The Dawnkeep Prisoner
  60. Convoy of the Covenants
  61. The Unseen Guests
  62. Nal'ragas
  63. Spy vs Spy
  64. De-Infiltration
  65. Cryptograms
  66. The "Unwelcome" Guests
  67. The Power of a Crown
  68. The Nathrezim
  69. Medallion of Wrath
  70. The Meaning of Wrath
  71. Dreadlords!
  72. By Your Leave
  73. You Can Only Die
  74. Magical Mystery Tour!
  75. Out On the Edge
  76. Back to The Heart
  77. The Power of Elune
  78. Winter's Sigil
  79. Vault of Secrets
  80. Vengeance for Korthia
  81. The Knowledge Keepers
  82. Let the Anima Flow
  83. Secrets of the Vault
  84. The Anima Trail
  85. Bone Tools
  86. Lost Records
  87. Hooking Over
  88. To the Vault
  89. Keepers of Korthia
  90. Into the Vault
  91. Untangling the Sigil
  92. The Primus Returns
  93. Hunting Amid Houses
  94. The Blade in the Night
  95. Rituals of Night
  96. The Big Squeeze
  97. Mal'appropriated
  98. Hunting Huln
  99. Defending the Vault
  100. A Cry From the Heart
  101. Hunting Amid Houses
  102. You Cannot Run
  103. You Cannot Hide
  104. Akarek Avenged

Let the Anima Flow

Help Bonesmith Heirmir repair the Anima Conduit.
Anima conduit repaired (1)


Tal-Galan briefed me on the situation and explained the vault's workings. As well as any scholarly type could, at least. First we need to ensure the vault is getting power. They use underground conduits to feed it anima. The attendant says that one of these conduits is tucked away in a cave in Scholar's Den. You get me there and I'll find a way to fix it. Just watch my back while I figure out how these Korthian devices work.



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