Tomb of Sargeras Boss Abilities and Raid Testing for 10 February

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Anticipating the arrival of mortal forces invading the Tomb of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden has called on his best captors, Atrigan and Belac, to lock down the interlopers and prevent them from using the Pillars to advance deeper into the dungeon.

Harjatan was trained from birth to demolish his enemies. Through a conquest of savage brutality, he gathered throngs of cave dwelling murlocs who see him as a god. Now, the naga brute merely has to bark a command and hordes of devout followers set themselves to task.

  • Overview – Stick together in order to spread out the damage done by [Unchecked Rage]. Try to keep the amount of [Drenched] stacks you have low in order to reduce the damage taken from all sources of Frost damage throughout the fight.
  • TankAbrasive Armor – Rough armor edges scrape against the target, causing attacks made by the caster to have a chance to cause Jagged Abrasion.
    • TankJagged Abrasion – Bleeds the target for 480000 Physical damage every 2 sec for 30 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Unchecked Rage – At 100 energy, the caster releases all their built-up rage, inflicting 16000000 Physical damage, split between all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
  • Commanding Roar – Lets out a deafening roar, calling to near by allies to join the fight.

    At 66% and 33% health, Harjatan the Bludger calls in one additional murloc.

    • Razorjaw Wavemender
      • Watery Splash – Splashes the target with water, inflicting 585000 to 615000 Frost damage and applying a stack of Drenched.
        • ImportantDrenched – Drenches the target, inflicting 97500 to 102500 Frost damage every 2 sec increasing Frost damage taken by 5%. Stacks.
      • Aqueous Burst – Cover an enemy with conductive water which lasts 6 sec. Upon expiration, the water explodes, inflicting 536250 to 563750 Frost damage to all nearby enemies and leaving a pool of Drenching Waters at the enemy's location.
        • Drenching Waters – Inflicts 146250 to 153750 Frost damage every 1 sec, and increases stacks of Drenched on the enemy.
          • ImportantDrenched – Drenches the target, inflicting 97500 to 102500 Frost damage every 2 sec increasing Frost damage taken by 5%. Stacks.
      • InterruptibleTend Wounds – Tends to the target's wounds, healing them for 2% of their health every 3 sec for 12 sec.
    • Razorjaw Gladiator
      • Dripping Blade – Enchants the caster's weapon, causing melee attacks to apply Drenched to the target.
        • ImportantDrenched – Drenches the target, inflicting 97500 to 102500 Frost damage every 2 sec increasing Frost damage taken by 5%. Stacks.
      • Driven Assault – Fixates on a target, attacking them to the exclusion of other targets. Additionally, the Deeptide Gladiator's Physical damage done is increased by 50% and their movement speed is decreased by 25%.
      • Splashy Cleave – Swings wildly, inflicting 414375 to 435625 Physical damage and applying Drenched to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
        • ImportantDrenched – Drenches the target, inflicting 97500 to 102500 Frost damage every 2 sec increasing Frost damage taken by 5%. Stacks.
    • Darkscale Taskmaster
      • Bring To Task – Brings all allies within 10 yards in line, increasing their damage done by 100.
        • Focused – The Darkscale Taskmaster's presence focuses Harjatan the Bludger and all nearby murlocs, increasing their damage done by 100%.

          If Harjatan the Bludger or any murloc moves away from the Darkscale Taskmater, they are no longer focused, leaving them with Lingering Focus.

          • Lingering Focus – The target remains focused for a little while longer, increasing damage done by 100% for 10 sec.
      • Frosty Spittle – Spits out a icy blast, inflicting 600000 Frost damage to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
  • Draw In – Draws in all pools of Drenching Waters to Harjatan the Bludger for 10 sec, adding a stack of Frigid Blows for each pool absorbed.
  • ImportantFrigid Blows – Empowered by frozen waters, causing melee attacks to deal 316875 to 333125 Frost damage to all nearby enemies.
    Each melee attack also triggers Drenching Slough, removing a stack of Frigid Blows.
    Once all stacks are expended, Frosty Discharge is cast.
    • ImportantDrenching Slough – With each strike, a portion of the gathered frozen water falls off, targeting a random enemy's location. Upon reaching its destination, it inflicts 585000 to 615000 Frost damage to all nearby enemies and leaves behind a pool of Drenching Waters.
      • Drenching Waters – Inflicts 146250 to 153750 Frost damage every 1 sec, and increases stacks of Drenched on the enemy.
        • ImportantDrenched – Drenches the target, inflicting 97500 to 102500 Frost damage every 2 sec increasing Frost damage taken by 5%. Stacks.
    • ImportantFrosty Discharge – Releases the last drops of all stored water, inflicting 239926 Frost damage and removing all stacks of Drenched on all enemies.
  • Incubated Egg – At set points throughout the fight, Incubated Eggs will begin Hatching.

Mistress Sassz'ine has spent a lifetime binding the denizens of the ocean to her dark will. With this power, she summons nightmares from the briny depths to wash away any who dare challenge her.

  • Overview – Handpicked to watch over the flooded passageways, Mistress Sassz'ine stands ready to retrieve the Tidestone from those foolish enough to enter her domain.
  • ImportantDelicious Bufferfish – Picking up a Delicious Bufferfish grants an additional 2% damage dealt. Healers instead restore 500 mana every 1 sec. These effects increase every 5 sec, up to 50 stacks.
    Taking any damage causes the Delicious Bufferfish to drop onto the ground.
    • DeadlyDread Shark – A Dread Shark may catch the scent of a Delicious Bufferfish! It will devour the Bufferfish and all players within 10 yds after 6 sec.
  • ImportantHydra Shot – Marks players for a piercing Hydra Shot. After 6 sec, each arrow inflicts 2700000 Physical damage to all targets up to that player, split among those struck. Each player struck also gains a stack of Hydra Acid.
    • Hydra Acid – Hydra acid covers a target, inflicting 124800 Nature damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. This effect stacks and stuns for 6 sec upon reaching 2 or more stacks.
  • TankBurden of Pain – Curses a target with wracking pain. 100% of all Physical damage the player suffers while the curse is in effect is additionally shared to all other players.
  • From the Abyss – Beckon forth three Abyss Stalkers from the depths.
    • TankAbyss Stalker – Abyss Stalkers' melee attacks inflict shadow damage to their target instead of physical damage.
      • Dark Depths – Step through the shadows, striking a random player with Jaws from the Deep.
        • Jaws from the Deep – Bites a player, inflicting 245700 to 258300 Shadow damage immediately with an additional 212940 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 4 sec.
      • Concealing Murk – Upon death, Abyss Stalkers release a cloud of Concealing Murk for 20 sec. Players within the cloud suffer 233220 Shadow damage every 2 sec and have their hit chance reduced by 75%.
Stage One: Ten Thousand Fangs

Thousands of creatures rise from the depths of the ocean to assist their mistress.

Stage Two: Terrors of the Deep

Deep sea leviathans approach and answer the call of their master.

Stage Three: Vast Oceans of Wrath

Mistress Sassz'ine uses her full powers to wipe away her enemies.

The Sisters of the Moon served as wardens for the temple long before the avatar of Sargeras was buried beneath it. Even in death, the sisters maintained their vigil, but over the millennia something twisted their ability to distinguish friend from foe. Their madness slowly consumed them, and now any who enter their sacred chambers are put to death.

  • Overview – The Sisters of the Moon are trapped in a fading incorporal state, bound together and sharing health. Between them they maintain only enough power to sustain the physical form of one of them at a time.
    Huntress Kasparian initiates the fight, followed by Captain Yathae Moonstrke at 70% health remaining, and then followed by Priestess Lunaspyre at 40% health remaining.
    The floor of the [Font of Elune] is a projected moon that changes through the moon phases. At Full Moon and Empty Moon the [Font of Elune] empowers the incorporeal Sisters of the Moon to use [Glaive Storm], [Incorporeal Shot], and [Embrace of the Eclipse].

    In Mythic difficulty, Astral Expulsion inflicts raid wide damage when players move to a different side of the moon.

  • ImportantFont of Elune – The floor of the font continually changes through the phases of the moon. Standing on the light side of the moon will stack Lunar Suffusion every 3 sec, while standing on the dark side of the moon will stack Umbra Suffusion every 3 sec. Switching from one side of the moon to the other clears all stacks of suffusion and triggers Astral Expulsion.
  • Huntress Kasparian
    • ImportantGlaive Storm – Throws a glaive that shatters into multiple glaives, each inflicting 855000 to 945000 Arcane damage to everyone hit.
    • Twilight Glaive – Throws a glaive at a target, inflicting 1425000 to 1575000 Shadow damage to anyone it hits before returning to the caster.
    • TankMoon Glaive – Throws a glaive that bounces between up to 3 targets, inflicting 8.75e+06 Physical damage total. The first target hit has Discorporate applied to them, decreasing all healing taken by 50%.
    • TankSpectral Glaive – Throws a spectral glaive that bounces between up to 3 targets, inflicting 487500 to 512500 Spellshadow damage.
  • Captain Yathae Moonstrike
    • ImportantIncorporeal Shot – Captain Yathae Moonstrike aims a Incorporeal Shot at her target, inflicting 10000000 Shadow damage to the target after 6 sec.
      Players can move between her and her target, disrupting her aim and causing the damage inflicted to be split among all intercepting players and the target.
    • ImportantCall Moontalon – Captain Yathae Moonstrike calls Moontalon to fight at her side.
      • ImportantMoontalon
        • ImportantDeathly Screech – Moontalon screeches inflicting 400000 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies. This damage increases by 25% every time it is cast.
    • Twilight Volley – Shadow arrows rain from the sky, inflicting 600000 Shadow damage every 1 sec.
    • Rapid Shot – Captain Yathae Moonstrike focuses fire on a target, inflicting 500000 Shadow damage every 0.5 sec for 5 sec.
    • Shadow Shot – Fires a arrow inflicting 585000 to 615000 Shadow damage.
  • Priestess Lunaspyre
    • ImportantEmbrace of the Eclipse – Priestess Lunaspyre shields an ally for 12 sec, absorbing 30000000 damage while also warding her enemies for 12 sec, absorbing 1000000 points of healing. If the shield expires, it inflicts the remaining absorption as Arcane damage to all enemies within 70 yds of the shield. Any ward that expires inflicts its remaining healing absorption as Shadow damage to all enemies within 8 yds of the ward.
    • Lunar Beacon – Marks an enemy with Lunar energy, inflicting 700000 every 1 sec for 6 sec. When Lunar Beacon expires the target's location will be bombarded by a Lunar Barrage every 1 sec for 4 sec. Each Lunar Barrage inflicts 700000 Arcane damage every 700000 and Silences while in the barrage area.
    • Moon Burn – Burns enemies with lunar energy, inflicting 600000 Arcane damage every 2 sec for 18 sec.
    • Lunar Strike – Summons lunar energy inflicting 585000 to 615000 Arcane damage.
    • Lunar Fire – Burns the target, inflicting 500000 Arcane damage every 2 sec for 30 sec.

Once, this was a sacred burial site for the nightelves, but the legion has twisted these grounds with the Engine of Souls. This foul machine draws upon the energy of the dead, twisting them into abominations. Due to this corruption, these tormented spirits have become monstrosities, looking to feed on any who descend into the tomb's depths.

Corporeal Realm

In the realm of the living, the Engine of Souls siphons fallen night elf spirits for the Burning Legion.

Spirit Realm

In the realm of the dead, High Priestess Dejahna's soul has been corrupted into dark servitude.

Tormented Souls

Upon reaching 30% health, the Engine of Souls draws forth a vast number of tormented spirits to form the Desolate Host.

In Mythic difficulty, this begins a chain reaction that destroys the Spiritual Fonts.

Charged by Aegwynn to defend the Tomb of Sargeras, the Maiden of Vigilance has stood watch for thousands of years. Yet, the guardian did not forsee what effect the avatar's seeping fel energy would have on this titan construct. Slowly warped by this maleficence, the Maiden now seeks to destroy any in her path.

Stage One: Divide and Conquer

The Maiden of Vigilance infuses and hammers her enemies with both Holy and Fel magic.

Stage Two: Watcher's Wrath

The Maiden of Vigilance jumps away, shields herself, and buffets the raid with Fragments of Creation and Obliteration.

When Aegwynn defeated the Avatar of Sargeras, she was unable to destroy his avatar. In an effort to seal it away, the armor was entombed beneath the Temple of Elune, where it remained dormant for thousands of years. Now, with the Legion tearing down the tomb's barriers, Kil'Jaeden is in a position to reanimate the armor, and unleash its power on Azeroth.

Stage One: A Slumber Disturbed

Locked into an ancient titan device, the Fallen Avatar struggles to regain his full power by corrupting the machinery around him.

Stage Two: An Avatar Awakened

Upon reaching 100 Energy the Avatar shatters his bonds, destroying the platform and dropping players deeper into the Tomb of Sargeras.

Since striking the bargain that chased the draenei into the stars, Kil'Jaeden believed the Legion could not be stopped. Yet, none of his deceptions have prevented you from reaching this critical moment. Infuriated that Sargeras' promise of victory has never come to pass, the demon lord prepares to face you himself, for a final battle that will shape Azeroth's destiny forever.

  • Intermission: Eternal Flame
  • Stage Two: Reflected Souls
  • Shadow Reflection: Malignant: Creates a Darkening Reflection of the targeted player after 8 sec.
  • Shadow Reflection: Hopeless: Creates a Hopeless Reflection after 8 sec.
  • Stage 3: Darkness of A Thousand Souls
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