Today we would like to talk a bit about stability issues in Europe and Tavern Brawls.

We take our overall customer experience very seriously, regardless of region. When issues arise, we want to resolve them as quickly as possible in order for our players to get back into Hearthstone and continue having fun.

The Europe region has been experiencing some issues with disconnection in conjunction with Tavern Brawl. We want to reassure our players that this is not a European server related issue. When we release new content, such as Tavern Brawls that introduce new mechanics or styles of play, there is a risk that unforeseen issues may arise. If an issue does comes up, the region where the new Brawl was first released (Europe in this case) will see the impact first while the team jumps on getting the fix identified and deployed as quickly as possible.

That said, we acknowledge the stability issues we’ve seen with Tavern Brawl recently are unacceptable, and we recognize that we have not been providing a quality experience for our players. The Hearthstone team has been working on additional testing measures to identify these issues before our players experience them. This includes expansion of our automated testing efforts, an additional test effort dedicated to tavern brawl stability, and changes to our infrastructure to minimize impact in the event any issues do arise. These improvements will take some time to implement, but they are a major priority for the team and will remain so until Tavern Brawl is a great experience for all players in all regions.

We greatly appreciate our player’s patience and understanding. We will continue to improve our Tavern Brawl experience for all of our players, both in exciting new ways to play and stability, and we apologize for the disruptions in gameplay that have been occurring.