Lore of Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix, Leader of the Bilgewater Cartel

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Jastor Gallywix can also be found at the end of the Horde cinematic for Mists of Pandaria, bowing for Vol'jin when he was made the Warcheif by Thrall.

Appearances in Battle for Azeroth

In the Alliance questline 다음 표적, we learn that Gallywix is the one supplying funds for the Horde's war campaign. Knowing this, Alleria leads her void elf forces to find and put a stop to Gallywix.
Halford Wyrmbane says: Gallywix funds the Horde's war campaign and understands Azerite better than any of their other leaders.
Halford Wyrmbane says: Tactically speaking, he is their weak link. This is a rare opportunity. We must strike now.

Gallywix can also be found during the horde quest chain 드러스트바, 호! leading the Horde fleet The Banshee's Wail to Drustvar.
Azerite's in the air, <name>. Can ya smell it? Drustvar--way over in Kul Tiras--apparently has a real big seam o' Azerite beneath it. Azerite means profit, and profit means winning this war against the Alliance... which means even more profit. We gotta get that Azerite! Check in with Eitrigg an' Tattersail so we can get going soon. Time is money!

Trade Prince Gallywix in Patch 8.1

Jastor Gallywix's involvement with Patch 8.1, Tides of Vengeance, is unknown. However, he is shown on the dungeon journal on the 8.1 PTR in the Siege of Zuldazar raid.

Gelbin vs King Gallywix

Mekkatorque and Gallywix can be found trash talking each other in a showdown as they fly around on Azerite-powered engineering contraptions. You can read more about their interactions in Part 2 of the Patch 8.1 Campaign.
Let's all just relax and take a look at this thing! The gold... the gems. It's... it's... BEAUTIFUL! I'm tearin' up over here!
Say, uh... howsabout we make an arrangement? Leave this guy to me and be on your merry way. I won't say anything to your king, and you don't say anything to my warchief. Deal?
What are you DOING?! Don't hurt it!
You... MONSTERS! How could ya destroy something so glorious?! It's true what Sylvanas says... you Alliance thugs got no souls!
Oh thank GOODNESS! Don't you worry, my precious baby boy. You'll be safe with me!
HAHAHA! Those Alliance goons will never learn! Who's a good golden golem? You are!

Gallywix then tries to burn Mekkatorque's ship:

Alright, here we go! We got the fuel, we got the plan, and we got the hands to push the buttons to make it happen!
We're gonna show Mekkatorque that we ain't so stupid after all. Once his ship's on fire, we'll land on it and send out one of them SOS things.
He's gonna be flying back, and I bet he'll be all, oh no, I've been outwitted by Gallywix, he destroyed my ship, I better save everyone!
Then when he gets there he'll see us and realize he's been DOUBLE outwitted! HAH!
That's the part where you and me blow him up on his burnin' airship. You can't get more dramatic than that!
I'm so excited, all my chins are shakin'! One thing at a time, let's blow up that ship.

Gallywix is unsuccessful and muses on the implications of his discovery of Azerite.

We almost had him, BAH! Stupid explodin' ship.
I guess we should look on the bright side. We blew up a ship, killed a bunch of robots, and kept our Azerite safe!
Heh heh... I never woulda thought this is where things would end up, after I told Sylvanas about Azerite.
Oh, right. The prince of darkness told me you were gonna be needed back at the Banshee's Wail at the end of this operation.
Somethin' about seeing the fruits of your labors or some sorta thing. It sounded ominous, I'm sure it's gonna make Baine upset.

I'm gonna spend a WHOLE lotta gold to find a way through that stupid armor of his.
Next time I see that little freak, I'm gonna kill him!
Y'know, every now and then I think, should I have really told Sylvanas about this whole Azerite thing?
If ya really think about it, if no one ever found out about the stuff, maybe we never woulda started this whole war.
Coulda avoided burnin' down that tree, might still have the undead city... it really makes ya think, don't it?
... HAH! I'm just kiddin'! Of course I don't care about that stuff, I'm flyin' a freakin' mech that shoots lasers made outta the planet's blood!

Battle of Dazar'alor

High Tinker Mekkatorque can drop Gallywix's garish 갤멋죽포 as a mount.

Following the raid, broadcast text points to Gallywix expressing no remorse for Sylvanas' plans to resurrect Derek Proudmoore:

"Ohhhhh, the Alliance is gonna be fumin' over this one! They're gonna come at us, guns blazin'. You know what that means, right?
It means my profit margins on Azerite armor plating are gonna go through the roof! I gotta double--no, triple--my mining operations! It's a good thing I don't pay my goons overtime. Or at all.
Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go see a warchief about supply and demand. Scram!"

Visions of N'Zoth

After Sylvanas left the Horde to prepare the final of her ultimate plan, Gallywix is one of two leaders that still pledged allegiance to the banshee queen.

Shortly after, the trade prince is nowhere to be found. With the founding of the council of the Horde, Thrall appoints Gazlowe as new Trade Prince:

Thrall: Gallywix has fled the city along with the rest of Sylvanas' inner circle. That leaves the Bilgewater Cartel without its trade prince.
Thrall: Gazlowe, it was your cleverness and ingenuity that built the walls of Orgrimmar. I cannot think of anyone I would trust more to take over as leader.
Gazlowe: A cartel ain't a clan or a tribe, Thrall. Steamwheedle, Bilgewater... it don't matter who supplies the cash--so long as the pay's good.
Gazlowe: "Under new management" is just another way of sayin' ""opportunity's knockin'"". So, sure... you got yourself a deal!"
Thrall: Can you be sure that none of the goblins here are still being funded by Gallywix?
Gazlowe: Oh, I guarantee they are. That's why I'm gonna pay 'em more than that cheapskate!
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