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Changelog For "Mechagon Punch Cards for the Pocket-Sized Computation Device"

  • 2019/07/29 at 9:09 PM: changed stats of yellow punchcards to align with recent nerfs, removed db=ptr, removed punchcards that never made to live By Neryssa
  • 2019/07/29 at 8:59 PM: Minor Edit By Neryssa
  • 2019/07/01 at 9:41 AM: Added to Jeeves By perculia
  • 2019/06/29 at 2:33 AM: Minor Edit By Archimtiros
  • 2019/06/20 at 4:20 AM: Updated trinket item level, cards can warforge. By Archimtiros
  • Status set to Approved: 2019/06/18 at 10:43 AM