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Quick Facts

Changelog For "Sethrak Race in Vol'dun - Allied Race Speculation"

  • 2018/07/09 at 11:20 PM: Removed Druid from potential classes after deconfirming the rumor of Sethrak using Wrath. This ability is actually "Venomous Claws" which uses a leafy casting animation, but is not actually Wrath. By TobiasAmaranth
  • 2018/06/20 at 5:07 PM: Small tweak. By TobiasAmaranth
  • 2018/06/20 at 4:49 PM: A sethrak acquires the Heart of Azeroth. By TobiasAmaranth
  • 2018/06/17 at 2:00 AM: Added content to the "The Helmet Conundrum" section. By TobiasAmaranth
  • 2018/06/16 at 4:21 PM: Slight title change. By TobiasAmaranth
  • 2018/06/16 at 2:31 AM: Very small typo edit. By TobiasAmaranth
  • Status set to Approved: 2018/06/15 at 11:34 PM