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Changelog For "Brewmaster Monk Gear, Tier Sets & BiS - Battle for Azeroth 8.2.0"

  • 2 days ago: Reviewed for Patch 8.2.0 By Anshlun
  • 2019/05/22 at 2:41 PM: Updated trinket descriptions to be more accurate of current class trends. By Llarold
  • 2019/05/22 at 1:34 PM: Fixed an incorrect spell link. By Llarold
  • 2019/05/13 at 11:40 PM: Updated Crucible Gear recommendations, trinket recommendations, and formatting. By Llarold
  • 2019/04/24 at 4:26 AM: Update item recommendations/descriptions based on community theorycrafting with drops. By Llarold
  • 2019/04/19 at 11:20 PM: Edits due to undocumented changes made to Crucible gear. By Llarold
  • 2019/04/17 at 8:24 AM: Added pertinent Crucible of Storms gear information, updated trinket tables, changed BoD bis list to BoD + CoS bis list, improved consistency among heading sizes and color schemes. Other small edits. By Llarold
  • 2019/04/15 at 2:01 PM: Reviewed for Crucible of Storms Raid launch. By Wowhead
  • 2019/04/11 at 8:31 AM: Addition to trinket breakdowns. By Llarold
  • 2019/03/31 at 1:41 AM: Small formatting change. By Llarold
  • 2019/03/31 at 1:39 AM: Updated trinket table, added additional commentary on trinkets, added commentary on the Engineering Azerite Helm, updated Azerite tables and revised commentary on Azerite trait options. By Llarold
  • 2019/03/21 at 10:45 AM: Reviewed for Patch 8.1.5. By Wowhead
  • 2019/02/27 at 5:10 PM: Fixed an incorrect link. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/25 at 4:32 AM: Updated raid trinket recommendations and BiS list. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/25 at 4:29 AM: Updated some Raid trinket recommendations based on new log data. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/15 at 11:30 PM: Updated dungeon BiS list, trinket recommendations, added Dungeon source column to all loot tables. Pretty big overhaul. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/03 at 2:59 AM: Updated BoD trinket section. By Llarold
  • 2019/01/31 at 4:43 PM: Fixed a link. Added a recommendation in the raid gear section to purchase Chest pieces with Titan Residuum first. By Llarold
  • 2019/01/19 at 9:15 PM: Minor Edit By Anshlun
  • 2019/01/17 at 8:49 AM: Added a tiny recommendation for leveling legendary synergy with a War Mode talent. By Llarold
  • 2019/01/16 at 6:00 AM: Updated for Season 2 By Llarold
  • 2018/10/13 at 5:21 AM: Typo. By Llarold
  • 2018/10/13 at 5:20 AM: Small adjustments to flow of BiS Lists. By Llarold
  • 2018/10/06 at 7:04 PM: Added a small clarification regarding Azerite pieces in raid. By Llarold
  • 2018/09/20 at 1:07 PM: Added numerous references to Gemhide's awesome awesomeness, recommended players try to pick up at least one Uldir zone trait. By Llarold
  • 2018/09/20 at 7:39 AM: Minor Edit By Archimtiros
  • 2018/09/20 at 7:38 AM: Rearranged gear sections By Archimtiros
  • 2018/09/18 at 1:14 PM: Updated trinkets table to include Fathoms, The Golden Serpent's Plume, and commentary on the value of damage proc trinkets for tanks in BFA. By Llarold
  • 2018/08/23 at 10:54 PM: Minor Edit By Anshlun
  • 2018/08/16 at 10:42 AM: Small addition to Azerite Armor section. By Llarold
  • 2018/08/10 at 12:41 PM: Update for BFA Launch By Anshlun
  • 2018/07/17 at 8:25 AM: Minor Edit By Anshlun
  • 2018/07/17 at 7:26 AM: Added the Navbar By Anshlun
  • 2018/07/15 at 4:11 AM: Updated a formatting issue with the "Legion Tank Trinket" section that caused the first column to not appear. By Llarold
  • Status set to Approved: 2018/07/14 at 9:49 PM