Guild Advancement

The Roster Tab
The Roster Tab is the one place you need to go if you want to find out something about your guildmates. Virtually everything is there - characters, levels, zones, professions, notes, activities, achievements. All you need to do is go to the tab and select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

The News Tab
The News Tab allows you to see what your guildmates have been doing lately. The news filters give you the ability to leave only the types of news you are interested in. The current filters include: guild achievements, member achievements, raid encounters, epic items looted, epic items crafted, epic items purchased, and guild levels. You can select any combination of those 7 filters.

The Rewards Tab
The Rewards Tab the panel you will consult with when you are browsing your guild's rewards. It has a long long list of all the possible items you can purchase from your guild vendor. You can see the gold price, the reputation requirement, and the achievement required to unlock each one of the rewards.

The Info Tab
The Info Tab is a simple tab that displays your upcoming events (created with the Calendar), the Message of the Day, and your guild information. It is also the new home for the "Add Member" and "Guild Control" buttons.