The Argent Tournament: Spirits & Converted Heroes

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From DoloriaScourge Converter
Abilities of Scourge Converter

ChannelledGrip of the Scourge

Frost Spells*
Frost Nova
Cone of Cold

*Frost Mage spells

From DoloriaInvitation to the Living

The skeletal Scourge Converters actively stalk and attack the distracted Spirits one at a time. The Spirit under attack seems immobilized by the Scourge Converter's frost spells and does not take defensive action. The Fallen Hero's Spirit is transformed into Scourge and is renamed a
Converted Hero Newly Converted From Doloria
Converted Hero. Each Converted Hero is bound with spells that take the visual form of weightless double chains. The fact that chains are needed at all suggests that the Converted Heroes retain some fragments of free will that make them a potential flight risk.

The transformation is immediate. The Converted Hero is mind controlled and reprogrammed and immediately runs south to join one of the fighting units controlled by a Scourge Banner-Bearer. Converted to Scourge, the Converted Heroes have enhanced individual fighting abilities and group buffs. They fight as a unit, swarming any attacker.

Chains Capable of Binding the Most Powerful of Prisoners

From Mike
Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm
in the Barrow Dens

Spells that Bind Like Chains
"Fandral Staghelm is bound by powerful spells. He won't be able to escape you, even inside the Emerald Dream." Through the Dream.

Part of a Mount Hyjal quest series that begins with Emerald Allies.

Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm: Pawn of the Emerald Nighmare Lord Xaviius. Responsible for corrupting the new World Tree Teldrassil. Imprisoned by the Cenarion Circle, the Twilight's Hammer seeks to free him to harness his power.
WoWWki: Fandral Staghelm

Running South to Join the Fighting Units of Converted Heroes

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From Doloria: Newly Converted Heroes Run South to Join the Scourge Fighting Units

The Converted Heroes that run South actually despawn at (46,49) Icecrown which is very close to the nearest fighting units led by Scourge Banner-Bearers (47:48). It's strange that they shed their chains before disappearing, but this programming glitch shouldn't break the illusion.Sometimes the spawning of a Fallen Hero's Spirit or Converted Hero is marked by yellow electrical charges.

From Doloria: Spirit of Fallen Hero Spawns

Mercy: The Fate Of The Fallen

Crusader SilverdawnArgent CrusadeFrom Doloria
Crusader Silverdawn

Crusader Silverdawn at the Argent Tournament gives Crusaders the quest The Fate Of The Fallen.

The Argent Crusade is hardly the first force to challenge the Lich King. Our enemy turns spirits of the fallen against us.

Their spirits wander the Valley of Fallen Heroes, southwest of the grounds and between Aldur'thar and the Ironwall Rampart. The area is littered with discarded soul crystals, used by the Scourge to control the spirits. Gather those soul crystals and use them with this Light-blessed relic to bestow the blessing of peace upon the spirits. They have more than earned their rest.

From DoloriaSpirit of Fallen Warrior — Undead but not yet Scourge. Discarded Soul Crystal to the left.

Compare the charge given by
Enohar ThunderbrewFrom phaydre: 42282
Enohar Thunderbrew to adventurers in the Blasted Lands in Our Fallen Friends:

Based on what you're telling me, it sounds like there aren't many survivors... just restless spirits. The least we can do is give them their rest.
Head back to the Shattershore and vanquish the worgen ghosts that still remain. Doing so should release their spirit from this world and allow them to pass into the next.

The Relic & Discarded Soul Crystals

Light-Blessed RelicLevel 1Quest Item
Use: Consume a Discarded Soul Crystal to release a Fallen Hero's Spirit from its captivity in the physical world. Cannot be used on Fallen Hero's Spirits under the Grip of the Scourge.*6 Charges(10 yard range)*Cannot redeem Converted Heroes
Inventory Image

Discarded Soul CrystalLevel 1Quest Item
Max Stack: 10
Inventory Image

Discarded Soul CrystalLevel 1Quest Item
Use: Click on Discarded Soul Crystal to charge Light-Blessed Relic. Each Crystal creates one charge.
Appearance on ground


praeditus said:
Once you have collected a crystal left click on a fallen hero (so you don't initiate an attack) and when you are in range, click on the Light-Blessed Relic.

ashadiel said:
If a Fallen Hero's Spirit has already been converted by a Scourge Converter, you will not be able to free it. However, if you can stop a converter from finishing its cast of Grip of the Scourge or use your Light-Blessed Relic before the cast completes, you'll be successful.

conformity said:
I can't be the only one who rushes to kill the converters when I see them running towards a spirit right?

Like angels

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From NorrecThe Blessing
From Doloria"My nightmare, is it finally over?"


From Doloria"I'm so tired. Just let me rest for a moment."From Doloria"At last... now I can rest."

From Doloria"I can't hear the screams anymore. Is this the end?"From Doloria

From Doloria"It was awful...I dreamt I was fighting against my friends."

As each Fallen Hero's Spirit receives the Blessing of Peace, bright wings like those of an angel appear. The Spirit speaks of exhaustion, nightmares or combatting friends, often grimacing in the telling. (There are five randomized statements.) The bright wings fade leaving the blue aura, but the Spririt is no longer agitated. Each Spirit bows to an unseen presence and then vanishes.

Thaeru said:

As an Undead, I loved this quest because it fit my character's personality / story perfectly. My character is a kind and compassionate soul, and he wants to either cure undeath or release those afflicted (Forsaken excluded, he wants to cure them). Finally, a quest where my character is doing something that isn't against his code.

Can I get the armor?

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There is a good equivalent for the female Dark Ranger's armor available from Vanilla leatherworkers, although the background color is navy instead of black. However, the armor of the male ranger and druid is NPC only. The plate armor of the Valiance Expedition is still sold as level 60 PVP gear to Alliance Warriors and Paladins in Champion's Hall, Stormwind. The Horde equivalent is very different. The catch is that this armor is not transmogrifiable and replicas are available only to Vanilla PVP players who earned the achievement Knight-Captain / Legionnaire or higher.

Armor of the Male Ranger

From DoloriaArmor of the RangerFrom Doloria
Armor Colors
From Doloria
Undead Archmage Maenius

Understated and elegant NPC only armor. Compare the armor of High Elf Archmage Maenius in Winterspring (54,58). The difference suggests the Ranger is not a mage.

Armor of the Female Dark Ranger

From Doloria
Fallen Hero's Spirit
From Norrec
Dark Ranger Lyana in Howling Fjord
From Vedera
Player wearing
Stormshroud Transmog Set

  • Contact a Vanilla Leatherworker to craft Stormshroud Armor (chest), Gloves, and Shoulders. The pattern for Stormshroud Pants is still available.
  • See Anne Stickney's piece on Dark Ranger Transmog in WoW Insider.

Armor of the Druid

From DoloriaFallen Hero's SpiritFrom Miyari
Arch Druid Lathorius of D.E.H.T.A. in Borean Tundra (57,42)

Rare Model: NPC only armor

Armor of the Valiance Expedition

From DoloriaArmor of Fallen Hero's SpiritFrom Bouvi
Lieutenant Dumont
Comparing Armor: Fallen Hero's Spirit and Lieutenant Dumont of Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly Hills (32,60)

Valiance Expedition Plate Sets

Alliance Only
Level 60 PVP Gear

Lieutenant Commander's Battlearmor
Lieutenant Commander's Plate Helmet
Lieutenant Commander's Plate Shoulders
Knight-Captain's Plate Hauberk
Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Gauntlets
Knight-Captain's Plate Leggings
Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Greaves

Field Marshal's Battlegear
Field Marshal's Plate Helm
Field Marshal's Plate Shoulderguards
Field Marshal's Plate Armor
Marshal's Plate Gauntlets
Marshal's Plate Legguards
Marshal's Plate Boots

Field Marshal's Aegis
Field Marshal's Lamellar Faceguard
Field Marshal's Lamellar Pauldrons
Field Marshal's Lamellar Chestplate
Marshal's Lamellar Gloves
Marshal's Lamellar Legplates
Marshal's Lamellar Boots
Champion's BattlearmorWarlord's BattlegearWarlord's Aegis


  • These level 60 Alliance only PVP sets for Warriors and Paladins are not replicas and can be purchased for Honor points from Sergeant Major Clate, Legacy Armor Quartermaster, in Champion's Hall in Stormwind (76:66).
  • The PVP gear is Bind on Pickup (BoP) and class specific — your level 60 Death Knight can't see or buy it. This gear CAN'T BE TRANSMOGRIFIED.
  • The color of the rare quality Warrior armor is blue-gray and the shoulder sash is blue. The epic quality armor is gold and the shoulder sash is white.
  • The replica sets are available only to those that have the Knight-Captain / Legionnaire or higher rank from Vanilla.
  • The replicas are sold by Krixel Pinchwhistle in Area 52, Netherstorm (33:64). The pieces cost less than each as of Patch 5.4.8.
  • These replica sets are not sold at the Darkmoon Faire.

On buying replicas Wigglemonster said:

You need Knight-Captain / Legionnaire or higher under the old PvP system....This limitation was created so only characters with the feat of strength could wear this gear in transmog form because the actual gear is available for purchase with honor points to everyone. The transmog-able gear can be bought in Area 52.

Blue post on blizzard’s forum: Rationale

Blizzard: Alliance Vanguard CrestAlliance Vanguard is the combined forces of the Alliance in Northrend, spearheaded by the Valiance Expedition.
The Horde Expedition is an umbrella organization representing the united efforts of the Horde in Northrend, led by the Warsong Offensive.
See Guide: The Exalted
Blizzard: Horde Crest

Nearby Scourge Soulbinders Raise Corpses

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From Doloria: Scourge Soulbinder before Corp'rethar, the Horror Gate
Just South of the Converted Heroes, between the Conflagration and Corp'rethar (Horror Gate) Scourge Soulbinders raise Vargul Wanderers and Ravaged Ghouls. These beings have a very short existence above ground, often only two minutes. The Ravaged Ghoul looks and sounds like the ghoul of a Death Knight. The Vargul Wanderer speaks in an English accent and has delicious things to say such as: "I will feed you to the dogs" and "Your entrails will make a fine necklace".

All three humanoids count as Scourge for the quest: Training In The Field / Training In The Field.

The Wanderer is a Vrykul who was defeated in a combat challenge at Jotunheim in Northwest Icecrown (44,25) and reduced to the status of a Vargul Scourge. The winners go to Ymirheim to serve as the Lich King's elite warrior caste, the Ymirjar. Players can visit Jotunheim in the quest Eliminate the Competition. The quest requires defeating four champions. It's part of a chain that starts with It's All Fun and Games / It's All Fun and Games and ends with a Ring of Blood style series of challenges in the battle pit of Valhalas (31,29) in northern Jotunheim — without the goblin fight promoter, high traffic and casual pick-up groups that made See Gurgthock forRing of Blood:BrokentoeFrom zenvirus 58275
Ring of Blood in Nagrand an event.

From Doloria casts spell to raise the dead
From DoloriaA giant is summoned from the earth
From Doloria emerges
From Doloria shouts, "I'll eat your heart!"


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The Vargul Wanderer has other choice greetings such as "Die maggot", but "I'll eat your heart" is a good place to end this Guide. Back to the Tournament to hand in A Valiant's Field Training / A Valiant's Field Training or The Fate Of The Fallen and the many dailies. Time to feast, joust and listen to the conjured strains of the "Slaughtered Lamb".

Acknowledgements & More

Credits for each screenshot and quote are linked to Names, instead of dates because comments and screenshots from the Wowhead Community are timeless as long as the quest is in the game. To go to the source, click on the Name, ignoring the tooltip that appears when mousing over a link.

Arthas and Elric

  • Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden (World of Warcraft)
  • Elric, The Stealer of Souls: Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Meliborné, Volume I, by Michael Moorcock, illustrated by John Picacio. This edition is published by Ballantine Books (Del Ray) and includes a foreword by the author. It contains the first Elric fantasy series, The Stealer of Souls and Stormbringer, published in the 1960s. Some concepts are used in the Arthas chronicle: a ruler without a realm, a runed blade that derives it powers from the souls of its victims. There are warriors, sorcerers and priests that invoke the assistance of a deity (old gods/Light) and fate and powerful externalities shape events. Did I mention the winged dragons, elementals, and steeds that gallop over/through water and air?

YouTube: Sylvannas sings "One More Soul"

Music from Silent Hill: Homecoming (game soundtrack)
Animation by Belon, eu Human Warrior (Zweites Wachbataillon)

About BBCode

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From DoloriaHuge Boulder in Saving Foreman Oslow in Redridge Mountains


I, Doloria, am not a programmer, and learned how to write BBCode for this Guide from these Wowhead Guides with detailed threads:

Troubleshooting was slow. What to do when all of the text turned bold, or my Guide completely disappeared below the point I was coding, or the text below a table merged into it. Ugh. The answers were usually the same: I was missing an opening tag or a closing tag or the closing tags weren't in the opposite order of the opening tags. Along the way I starting creating Tooltips using icons and screenshots (based on wolfr's idea above). I figured out a quick way to resize screenshots and a method for stabilizing text in tables without setting the table width to 100%.
The code used for gold was: \text\ as in Vargul Wanderers.

From DoloriaSubdued Canyon Ettin lifts huge boulder and savesForeman Oslow
What I never figured out:
  • The code to insert a full size Wowhead map with existing pins for npc's, herbs or minerals etc. It always looked like a black rectangle (so I had to create pins in a blank map).
  • How to have a flush left heading and a flush right anchor on the same line without indenting the heading & adding a large space below. These effects happen using a table.
What I'd like to see:

  • Code for the WoWWiki Neutral symbol, because it's brighter and more recognizable than the Wowhead Neutral symbol \
  • Tooltips should not appear when mousing over a link to a Wowhead screenshot or comment.
  • Own visits to "My Guide" (accessed through the drop-down menu under the username) should not count as "views" of a draft Guide.
  • Add an icon for "Undo" in the editing menu bar.
  • Wowhead screenshots should show the width and height in pixels for the "Original".
  • Provide a simpler way to create a tooltip using a screenshot. See my Post on mouseovers. In this Guide I also used tables to create mouseovers for icons and screenshots.
  • Provide more color choices for map pins.
  • Provide a caption function to keep the credits close to the screenshot.
  • The gray in a minibox shouldn't be darker than the background when the border=0.
  • Only have one Edit Your Guide window open to avoid saving the wrong one and losing code.
  • Copy your code to Word a few times during a coding session — before you "Save Changes". The Save function sometimes doesn't. Then de-select the highlighted code in the edit screen and close the Word doc to stop the Spellcheck loop. Write the date and time at the top of your code so you'll know if the Save worked.
  • When you upload an image, record the WoWScrnShot_######_###### number, a description, and the upload number at the end of Upload numbers are assigned as members upload images, so your numbers may not be consecutive.

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