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Ghostcrawler: Class Balance


Anyway you can balance out all the class specs so that there are no more FOTM specs? No best DPS spec, no best Healing, etc.
We try. :) There's math and then there are player reactions and we try to balance the two. (View Source)

Any reason for the 5 dungeon per hour per account lockout? Could we at least double it? 5 is too low a # for low lvl dungeons
It's to discourage exploits. Do you really need to enter a new dungeon every 10 min? (View Source)

Voleurs get a bit of love in 5.2,but what if history holds and their pop still doesnt grow.What will be your next step if any?
Great question and we don't have an answer to share yet. We are looking at more exciting visuals. (View Source)

will you give back Ret Paladins their ?
Unlikely. Despite the good arguments we hear, we're convinced many Rets would complain about forcing RNG on them. (View Source)

If you want us to use our seal a bit more, take them of the GCD, buff to 15% Wdmg
Off the GCD just means macro. We want to encourage the decision to swap not automate the swap itself. (View Source)

How come asian servers have 10/25 lockout seperately like WOTLK and have better ilvl for 25 man yet we dont on EU/NA?
Letting players play more isn't always a slam dunk. Witness current dailies debate.
Much more controversial in NA/EU. Heard from many that Citadelle de la Couronne de glace felt too much like a job. (View Source)

Extase isn't supposed to be a mana generation tool. It's to offset Mot de pouvoir : Bouclier cost. Disc mana needs a nerf on live. (View Source)

Have you guys ever though on getting rid of all 3rd party add-ons in WoW? I think it would add & fix a lot of problems
Not really. It's a ton of work to support them, but many if not most players use some. The customization is cool and valuable. (View Source)

Tell me you are changing the tier 15 set bonuses for H Paladin. I don't want to nearly skip a tier and go from 517 to t15 hc.
We could have no set bonuses on T15 and you'd still want to upgrade because of the stats unless T14 is ridiculously over budget. (View Source)

btw does it not seem overpowered that feral has passive movement, slow, and can shift slow/root? rhetorical question
Broadly speaking, we think the game is better when classes have powerful pros but also some cons rather than all mediocrity. (View Source)

Future of Challenge Modes


Current challenge modes do normalize people's gear and levels down, so current challenge modes will always be the same (or near same) difficulty into the future. Not exactly what you mean, I know, but that kind of tech does already exist.

Challenge modes are already the most efficient way to get Valor, which is pretty rewarding. If we put an item at the end of it, either it's going to be low enough ilvl to be worthless to the types of people tending to run challenge modes (progression raiders), or it's going to be a BiS, at which point challenge modes become required for progression, tuning suddenly becomes a really big deal, etc. etc. It's not the intent of challenge modes, and not somewhere we're planning to take them.

Skill Level and Progression


If you just want to relieve some stress there is plenty other things to do. If you just want to relieve some stress then why do you go do something ingame that is too hard for you? WHY DON'T YOU JUST STICK TO LFR and let others enjoy the game?

You can't really asky others to not enjoy the game so you can enjoy your own vision of the game. Neither option is right. Sure, there are areas of the game specifically tailored to a particular group of players (Heroic Raids are better fit for the hardcore crowd), but that shouldn't stop you from trying something different and find out if it's fun or not for you.

And YES it are the unskilled losers who ask for nerfs. Deal with it.
This game is not stressfull, it's not rocketscience, it's piss easy. But for the 'majority' it is stressfull to do heroic raids or challenge modes or even normal mode? I wonder what is challenging in your real life if WoW is already too hard for you.

There you go, the "unskilled losers" ask for nerfs. That's a not very nice way of putting an etiquette over a group of players that may have difficulties overcoming a challenge in the game. There's no real reason why you should go out of your way to also say that then real life for those players must be incredibly difficult. We get it, you consider yourself a very skilled player in World of Warcraft, that's great.

But in a game with as many players as World of Warcraft has, you have to realize that people come from very different backgrounds, some have been playing games for years, some are just starting to discover this world... Therefore, they have different expectations of how they would like to enjoy the content.

Of course, it may look selfish to ask for nerfs if you can overcome the content at its current difficulty, but, isn't it equally selfish to deny others content just because they don't have your skill?
I may be wrong but I find it incredibly hard to imagine that there is a boss in the game that is absolutely insurmountable to even a casual player.

If you give that person an infinite amount of time (and will) they'll probably overcome the encounter at some point, sure. But what actually happens is that, rather than keep at it, most players stop trying at some point out of frustration.

The will to persevere and continue battling a foe that feels like an unavoidable obstacle is actually not as common as you may think among gamers (otherwise, why would we even have difficulty settings in most games anyways? :P)
Then why bother with a game based on progression and challenge ?
Surely you'd be more at home playing Second Life.

There are several scales of challenge (and progression). On this game you can even progress solely on PVP or PVE if you so wish. So, this is not really an argument. Everyone knows at which pace they want to play the game, and if they don't know, they'll eventually find out as they encounter things that annoy them and things that don't.

why nerf (not to be mixed with tweaks and hotfixes) harder content that people enter to seek challenges and when they hit wall they do normal modes to gain better gear and experience.

As I mentioned on my previous post, the blog post I linked explains the reasoning the developers use to adjust certain fights.

But you can huh? Or where you trolling when you said this? :

"You have two talent specializations. Why not have one for DPS? Even if it's a different healing spec, do you really need it at every single moment of the day? It's your choice to go with two healing specs, and that obviously comes with a downside (just as a tank that decides to go with two different tanking specs and argues his DPS is low on that content).

Proceeding to argue that because you run with a dual healing spec there's no content you can do is not going to get you very far because the answer is simple: use a DPS spec for that content."

There's quite a difference between not being able to do (defeat) something and refusing to use the tools the game offers to do a certain piece of content :)
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