Quick Facts

The Gathering

The Gathering
[2-3] Random Attributes
[1-3] Random Magic Attributes
Whirlwind pulls in all enemies it damages.
Whirlwind energy consumed 10% slower. (Awakened)
Bonus ability (Rank 6)
Bonus ability (Rank 11)
Bonus ability (Rank 16)
Required Level: 55
Class: Barbarian

Potential Attributes

+[2-193] Strength
+[2-193] Willpower
+[2-193] Vitality
+[2-193] Fortitude

Potential Magic Attributes

Maximum Life increased by 1%
Damage taken reduced by 1%
Beneficial effect duration increased by 10%
Nearby enemy damage decreased by 10%
Item base Life increased by 1%
Damage taken while moving decreased by 5%
Continual damage taken decreased by 20%
Damage taken while suffering loss of control decreased by 10%
Block Chance increased by 1%
Cheat Death chance increased by 1%
Stun resistance increased by 4%
Knockback resistance increased by 5%
Slow resistance increased by 4%
Your death heals party members for 2% of their Life
Fear resistance increased by 4%

Bonus Abilities

Primary Attack damage increased 2%
All skill damage increased 1%
Damage done to enemies below 30% Life increased 10%
Critical Hit Damage increased by 1.5%
Heal party members for 1% on death
Your Primary Attacks reduce enemy healing by 5%
Your Primary Attacks have a 30% chance to reduce enemy Attack and Movement Speeds.
Continual damage taken reduced by 3%
Stun resistance increased 3%
Knock away resistance increased 3%
Damage taken from players reduced 1.5%
Damage taken while suffering loss of control decreased by 2%
Cheat Death chance increased by 3%
Duration of beneficial effects increased 2%
Slow resistance increased by 3%
Attack Speed increased by 2%
Damage to players increased 3%
Damage to demons increased 3%
Damage to enemies suffering loss of control increased 2.5%
Damage to shielded enemies increased by 3%
Damage to undead increased 3%
Maximum Life increased 1.5%
Damage taken from nearby enemies decreased by 1%
Block Chance increased by 1%
Fear resistance increased 3%
Healing Potion cooldown reduced 1%
Life Regeneration increased by 0.5%
Damage to elite enemies increased 3%
Damage done by your summons increased 2%
Damage taken by your summons decreased by 2%