World of Warcraft Plans for 2015 and Subscription Currency, December 18th Hotfixes

发表于 2014/12/18,12:49

December 18th Hotfixes


Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
  • Outposts

    Completing a quest for a newly swapped Outpost building should no longer cause it to incorrectly revert back to a pre-swapped state.

  • 猎人


    should now work correctly with the .

  • Talents

    意志洞悉's (Discipline) protective ward on a critical effect should now be correctly reduced by 占位字符 in PvP combat.

  • should now correctly be dealing self-damage against the 牧师 (with a chance to break crowd control effects) in PvP combat against enemy players with glyphed crowd control abilities that removes damage over time effects on the target.

  • Assassination

    毒伤 should no longer incorrectly consume all of the 潜行者's combo points if the ability misses or was dodged.

  • 出血's periodic effect should now be able to critically strike.


  • 向国王报告: Resolved an issue where completing this quest was incorrectly causing Hero's Call: Redridge Mountains! and My Son, the Prince to become unavailable
  • 警告奥格瑞玛: Resolved an issue where completing this quest was incorrectly causing 战争机器 and Enemies Below to become unavailable.

Creatures and NPCs


Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios


  • 原始之灵s should now be dropping more frequently while harvesting mineral and herb nodes outside of the , from 剥皮, and in a satchel obtained by completing the daily 钓鱼 quest from the Garrison Fishing Shack.
  • 药水s purchased from the Brawler's Guild are now bind on pickup.
  • 指南:精准射击 should now correctly have a chance to drop for 猎人s from rare Draenor NPCs and creatures.
  • 科瓦斯基的音乐盒 should now correctly apply its soothing effect to targets that are not in combat.
  • 世界缩小器's effect is now removed when mounting up.
  • Premade Groups should no longer display a Scenarios category for characters that are above level 90.
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